November 29, 2022

Winter Themed Crafts and Activities

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We love the winter school holidays, there are so many great things that we enjoy doing as a family in the cooler months like hiking, picnics, drives through the countryside and catching the latest movie at the cinemas (psst, we have a chance for you to WIN some movie tickets below).

We live in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast so our Winter is fairly mild in comparison to other parts of the world and is typically filled with beautiful sunny days however this is not always the case and just last week we had some cold and wet days spent best at home. This doesn’t stop us from still enjoying Quality Family Time together, in fact, a day spent inside creating fun crafts and activities can make for the BEST family memories.

Some of my fondest family memories were spent at home with my Mum & brother on school holidays. I remember waking up excited to see what fun activities we would do and my Mum always found inexpensive ways to create them. I credit my Mum for my own passion to create and share quality moments with my own children and school holidays is the perfect time to do just that!

The whole focus of our website is to encourage parents to have FUN quality family time with their kids, whether it’s in the kitchen, around the dinner table, at home or outside spending time with your family and loved ones.

We’ve chosen our 15+ Winter Themed Activities that we do with our family!

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Here are 15+ Winter Themed Crafts and Activities that are perfect for days when you just want to stay warm and dry inside the house.


Snowflake Scratch Art  – Here’s an art activty that your kids will love! Find all the details here. 

Sparkle Snow – A fun Sensory tub addition! Find all the details here. 

Snowflake Crystals – create your won icicle experiment at home! Find all the details  here.

DIY Snowy Crystal Garden – leave out the green food colouring to create your own ‘Frozen’ Crystal Garden. Read more here.

Snow Slime – Slime is all the rage right now…why not create your own snow themed one here.

Two Ingredient Play Snow – This easy recipe will keep the kids busy for hours. Learn all about it here.

Magic Snowflake Art – This art activity is both FUN and scientific! Read more here.

Fizzy Sensory Snow – Fizzing snow? Yes, learn how to make it here.

Grow your own sparkly icicle crystals! Here’s a fun experiment to try at home. Learn how here.

Snowflake Necklace -This fun craft is easy to make at home. Read all about it here. 

Winter themed Luminary – create your own Winter landscape that turns into a cool night light! Find all the instructions here. 

DIY Snow Globe – Learn how to create your own fun Snow Globe at home here. 

Winter Themed Chalk Art – Why not step inside your Art and capture a FUN Winter Themed photo! Read all about it here.

Two Ingredient Snow Silly Putty! – Just TWO ingredients! Learn how to make it here.

Homemade Snow Balls! No snow in winter? Make your own by following the easy instructions here.

Fire Pit Cooking – with kids!

Our outdoor fire pit, we love! Sitting around the outdoor fire place, telling funny stories and enjoying the warmth from the fire. It’s become a family tradition that every Friday night during winter that we enjoy together. We’ve come to realise that our fire pit is also a great spot to cook an easy and FUN meal with the kids. Especially if you have some yummy leftover Roast chicken on hand!!

I thought I would share one of our favourite campfire meals that can be made in advance and easily made by the kids (even better!!). These Campfire Burritos have become a regular addition to our Friday night family night.


Ingredients – 
500g of shredded leftover Roast Chicken
1 cup Black Beans
1 cup Cooked Rice
1 cup of grated cheese
1 cup of Enchilada sauce or salsa
1 cup of Sour Cream
1/2 red onion – diced
1/2 capsicum – diced
Wrap Bread
Spray Oil

Aluminium foil

Method – 
Simply divide all the ingredients across 4 wraps, fold your wrap and then cover in Aluminium foil. Cook in the coals of the fire for 3 mins on each side. You will then have a toasty warm Chicken Burrito to enjoy by the fire. How easy is that!? These are perfect to make and take camping too! You can do all the prep before you even leave home.

You can find 5 more amazing ways to use leftover Chicken here.

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Louise xx

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