November 30, 2022

DIY Magic Crystal Garden!

Crystal Garden 89

DIY Magic Crystal Garden!

This is such an easy and low cost experiment and the kids and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Who knew you could do this in your own home with very little set up and minimal ingredients! I was SUPER excited when I found this on ‘’! Ahhh, I love Pinterest!

To make your own you will need

Crystal garden 5

Epson Salts (found at most chemists)

Glass Bowl or large Jar

Food Colouring



An extra container for measuring

Crystal garden 4

We experimented a little and found these measurements gave us the best results.

Step 1

Pour two cups of Epsom Salts into your glass bowl or jar.

Step 2

Add 1 cup of hot water to the salt

Step 3

Add another cup of hot water to a container & add a few drops of food colouring, then add to the bowl/jar

Step 4

Using your spoon, give your mixture a really good stir – mix for approximately 2 minutes – but don’t be too alarmed if there is some salt at the bottom that hasn’t dissolved

magic crystals 6

Step 5

Add your mixture to the fridge (the coldest part is the best – we put ours right at the back).

Leave your mixture over night and when the kids awake, they will find a Magical Crystal Garden growing in their very own house….magic! Perhaps even the fairies had something to do with this?

We poured a little of the excess water out to get an even better look at our beautiful Crystals!

We experimented with different colours too!

Magic Crystal Garden 2

The texture is amazing and the kids loved getting their hands in there and touching all of their magical crystals!

crystals 8

Magic Crystal Garden 3

Every time we made a new ‘batch’, the crystals were completely different! Just like perfectly unique snow flakes. It really is fascinating!

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11 thoughts on “DIY Magic Crystal Garden!

  1. when I was a child (many, many years ago) my father made a crystal garden using coal and salt and food coloring. I don’t remember the recipe but I do remember how neat looking it was.

  2. I was just wondering can I use any Epson salt from like Walmart or is that a special craft Epson salt.

  3. This sound wonderful & I can’t wait to try it with my kids but was just wondering how long the crystals stay formed for?

  4. Such a cute idea! Definitely going to try this with my class at daycare!!! I love this site it is full of fun and educational ideas for kids!

    1. Hi Morgan, Thank you so much for posting this :). Messages like this make our day/week!! We have so many more great ideas to come! Louise x

  5. Hi, i thought this sight was educational, but i was wondering if you can use alum? would this experiment work?

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