November 29, 2022

Make your own Olaf from Frozen with TWO ingredients!

DIY Olaf

Do you want to build a snowman? Well you’ve come to the right place!

My kids (like every single other child in the universe, LOVES the Frozen Movie (I’m a definite fan myself!). Because of that, we have made Frozen Silly PuttyFrozen Snow PaintFrozen Erupting Snow, an Elsa Ice Castle and more!

I’ve seen this recipe for two ingredient snow and thought, “Let’s build a Snowman with this!”. We doubled the recipe, because we knew we could have some fun with the left overs too!

To make your own you will need:

Olaf Ingredients

Cornflour (we used 2 x 500g pkts)

Shave Foam (we used 2 x 250g cans)

To decorate:

Carrot (the small end piece)

2 x googley eyes

5 small twigs

DIY Olaf with 2 ingredients

Step 1

Pour your Cornflour packets into a large ‘sensory bin’ – we use the clear storage bins from the $2 shop

Step 2

Add the shaving foam (this is the ultimate fun for my Master 6)

Step 3

Give it a really good mix (another highlight for my boy!)

Step 4

Shape two ‘snowballs’ and place one on top of the other

Step 5

Add the small end piece of the carrot for Olaf’s nose

Step 6

Add the googley eyes

Step 7

Place 3 little twigs for his hair and two twigs for his arms and VOILA you have yourself the cutest little homemade Olaf ever!

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5 thoughts on “Make your own Olaf from Frozen with TWO ingredients!

  1. You can also do this with equal parts corn flour and hair conditioner. The different colors tint the “snow dough” and you can get many fabulous smells, too!

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