November 17, 2023

Sprout Buddies!

Spout Buddies - Using recycled Milk Jugs

Sprout Buddies!

These are not only a great way to reuse old Milk Jugs but also a fun way to teach your kids how seeds sprout.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to recycle common household products or containers into crafts…I am a certified hoarder lol. This was an idea I came up with to use some empty Milk Jugs.

What you’ll need –

Two empty plastic Jugs or Bottles (we used 2lt Milk Jugs)

Plastic Milk lids (from the jugs above)

Some recycled plastic lids – like icecream container lids


Duct Tape

Cotton wool buds

Sprout seeds – for example: Snow Peas, Watercress, Mung Beans, Lentils, Fenugreek, Adzuki beans.

Spout Buddies - Using recycled Milk Jugs

Instructions –

Cut the top off the #1 jug just below the handle then cut the base from the #2 jug roughly 2 inches from the bottom. Place the #2 bottom section inside the #1 jug and tape with Duct Tape to secure. *seen in picture below.

Spout Buddies - Using recycled Milk Jugs

Decorate the Milk Jug with the two lids as eyes and cut a nose, smile or eyelids from some other recycled plastic items like icecream or yogurt container lids. We used some Duct Tape rolled in on itself to stick these pieces down.

Spout Buddies - Using recycled Milk Jugs

Then fill the 2inch top with cotton wool, dampen with water & evenly spread the sprout seeds.



You then just need to place them inside by a warm sunny window & keep the seeds/cotton wool damp – we watered ours roughly every second day,

Within 6-7 days you should have something that looks like this!

Spout Buddies - Using recycled Milk Jugs

Spout Buddies - Using recycled Milk Jugs

Spout Buddies - Using recycled Milk Jugs

The best part…the kids can eat their plants…and they’re YUMMY! Especially if they’re made in a yummy salad like this one.

Spout Buddies - Using recycled Milk Jugs

We would love to see and share some photos of your finished ‘Sprout Buddies’ – please share any photos of your creations on our facebook wall.

Louise x

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10 thoughts on “Sprout Buddies!

  1. Thank you so much for this. I think I will try this with little milk containers in my classroom. We are growing grass tomorrow or at least trying to have the grass growing. LOL Last year my students’ plants did not grow. UGH!!!

    I like making the faces too.

    1. Hi Cassi, I think the herbs might require soil? The beans grow so fast that they just need a moist environment. Louise x

  2. Great idea! Do we need to put hole in the bottom to let the water come out? Or you just let the water stay inside the container? Thanks

    1. You won’t need much water at all so you shouldn’t need a hole in the bottom :). The sprouts grow very fast with just damp cotton wool. Louise x

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