November 29, 2022

Vuly Trampoline Review Plus FUN Activities!


It’s no surprise that the Trampoline market has EXPLODED in recent years with so many families having to stay home during the pandemic. Now that we have our own Vuly Trampoline I’m mad at myself for not getting one sooner. I actually asked the question on our Paging Fun Mums Facebook page for some trampoline recommendations and was blown away by the number of you who recommended Vuly. So today I’ll be sharing our review of the Vuly Thunder Trampoline and some FUN Activities we’ve been enjoying on it – besides the thousands of hours spent jumping on it! 

We don’t have a massive backyard but I was so pleased to come across the Vuly Thunder Trampoline because it’s leg design enabled us to install it over one of our garden beds. The trampoline was an early Christmas gift for our kids and my husband couldn’t get over how easy it was to put together! He did it himself while I was at sports with the kids by following along the very simple instruction video provided by Vuly. He was completely done in under two hours (with breaks in between). 

The trampoline’s tidy design looks great in the backyard and by far our favourite features is the optional cover for the top. Not only does it offer great protection from the sun but it also stops all the gum leaves collecting inside. The leaf spring design and netting are SUPER safe with a self closing door to prevent anyone falling out The net is clearly made of excellent material and keeps the bouncing occupants from touching any exterior objects. The level of ‘bounce’ is very impressive too! 

I was curious to see how often my kids use it, especially my 13 year old daughter. I would say both kids use it equally as much which does sometimes cause some conflict ( they’re siblings after all lol). Even as I type this my daughter is jumping whilst happily singing to some tunes in the backyard. My 9 year old son was over the moon when he first saw it and he’s often asked to camp outside in it. If I had a dollar for every time he shouts “Watch this Mum” I would be a millionaire!!  

Okay, besides being an awesome addition to our backyard and providing a great source of extra fitness for my kids it has provided us with a lot of fun family activities. We recently hosted our own family outdoor cinema night. My kids have not stopped telling everyone all about their fun movie on the trampoline and not a night has gone past that they haven’t asked to watch another movie outside. 

My 13 year old came up with the idea of turning our Vuly Thunder Trampoline into a giant snow globe! I know right?! A snow globe in the middle of SUMMER!! We discussed different materials for the Snow (including the filling of bean bags) but decided some tissue paper cut into squares would likely work well and be better for the environment if any escaped.  She then had the genius idea to use a leaf blower…this kid makes me crack up! I’ve included a video we created of our fun experiment below. The clean up was surprisingly easy and we kept the paper to use again. 

We’ve since had water balloon fights, chalk drawings and sprinkler fun on our trampoline. We’ve created so many great family memories on our Vuly and it’s helped take our minds off what’s happening in the outside world. 

Our Vuly Thunder Trampoline has become a much loved addition to our family. If you’re considering adding a trampoline to your backyard I can’t recommend Vuly highly enough. You won’t be disappointed in this high quality trampoline. Vuly have an amazing YouTube channel with loads of great videos showcasing their products. Check it out here.  

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Louise x

This review was in collaboration with Vuly.  


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