November 30, 2022

20 Awesome Homemade Playdough Recipes

20 Homemade Playdough Recipes

We LOVE Playdough here at Paging Fun Mums, so we have put together our

20 favourite Homemade Playdough Recipes for you! They are all AWESOME! 


Glow in the Dark, No Cook Playdough – This is truly amazing…especially for a glow in the dark party!
Night Sky Playdough
Night Sky Playdough – this looks so beautiful…no need for a telescope for this cool project!
Calming and Stress Relieving Lavender Play Dough
Calming and stress Relieving Lavender Playdough – a great ‘just before bedtime’ activity or when the kids just need a nice relaxing ‘time out’
Coffee & Cream Playdough
Coffee & Cream Playdough – could this look more delicious? Perfect for the ultimate pretend play!
Cotton Candy Playdough
Cotton Candy Playdough – soooo pretty! It looks just like cotton candy and smells so good too!
Strawberry Scented Playdough
Strawberry Scented, No Cook Playdough – this reminds you of your ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ days!
Natural Playdough for Sensitive Skin – perfect for the cooler months &/or for kids who suffer from Eczema!
Jello Playdough
Jello Playdough – the delicious smell of Jello/Jelly will waft up with this beautiful dough!
Gluten & Corn Free Playdough – perfect for the gluten &/or corn free home…or just for some pretty fun!
Summery Lemon Playdough – some ‘cool’ fun for the summer!
Erupting Play Dough
Erupting Playdough – you can add a bit of ‘Science’ to the mix too!
Peanut Butter Edible Playdough – a dough that won’t be harmful if the kids eat it…in fact, it will be delicious!
Soft as a Cloud Playdough
Soft as a Cloud Playdough – that’s right, only TWO ingredients to make the softest dough ever!
Chocolate Playdough
Chocolate Playdough – this looks & smells wonderful & prompts so much imaginative play!
No Cook Playdough Recipe made in 5 minutes
No Cook Playdough Recipe, made in 5 minutes – only FIVE ingredients & NO cooking!
Lemon & Eucalyptus Playdough – this is a lovely soothing playdough that smells divine!
Kool Aid Playdough
Kool Aid Playdough – the perfect school holiday playdough!
Microwave Playdough
Microwave Playdough – no scrubbing of pots required for this beautiful recipe!
3 Ingredient Edible Playdough – AND it’s dairy, gluten & nut free!
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