November 17, 2023

Summery Lemon Playdough

Summery Lemon Playdough 2

This is such a soft, luscious, squishy Playdough! It smells so divine with the lemon and this is a NO COOK recipe! If you pop your playdough into the fridge – it make for some cool summer play too!

When I made my Soft as a Cloud Playdough which uses only 2 ingredients…and one of them is conditioner, I thought I would try a new spin on that! Get ready for the secret ingredient…..Sorbelene cream!  It has a very similar consistency to conditioner and it’s great for little hands! I tried it and it worked beautifully!

Summery Lemon Playdough 3

Ingredients (for one large batch)

1 cup of Sorbelene Cream

3 cups corn flour

The zest & juice from one lemon

Yellow food colouring (as many drops as you need for the colour you require)


Mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl, then pop into the fridge for about an hour. Now get ready for some FUN!

Summery Lemon Playdough 4 Summery Lemon Playdough 5

*Please note, this recipe is not able to be digested, so please ensure the kids keep it out of their mouth.

Jenni x

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48 thoughts on “Summery Lemon Playdough

  1. love your recipes for the silly putty and the play dough.. have to try these with my great grands..

  2. Hi there these 2 ingredients recepie that use conditioner and the one ,above are theses hair conditioners and hand/body moisturisers for us in the uk? Thanks xx enjoying the page loads

  3. Hi I’ve just discovered you page (and shared it on my own) I love LOVE homemade play dough and we can’t wait to try this one!!!!!
    Thank you!

  4. Where can I purchase the Homebrand Conditioner for the playdoh? It is possible to use a different brand of conditioner and receive the same results?

    1. Hi Nichole, I bought my conditioner from my local supermarket Woolworths (we are in Australia). Most conditioners are pretty much the same though : ) Jenni x

  5. Hey, loving the idea of this! I currently cook my playdough. I have a some questions please… How long would this last for? and do you need to keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh??

    Sarah xx

    1. Hi Beth, it will last a few months in an air tight container or sealed bag….it never lasts that long in our place though! : ) Jenni x

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  7. Do you have any edible play dough recipes? I know this one and the soft as a cloud are not but my son is too young to not put it in his mouth. Thanks

  8. Do you think one could try hair conditioner or a thick, creamy lotion instead of the Sorbolene Cream? (I looked on Amazon and it’s $40 for 16 oz! – I’m in the U.S. so don’t see any locally.) Thanks! It looks like great fun.

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