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November 27, 2020

Alphabet Dough

Alphabet Play Dough - a great sensory learning project.

Here’s a FUN way to encourage word and letter recognition with kids. Sensory play and learning all in one!

We purchased some wooden alphabet beads at our local discount store recently, to be honest it was an impulse purchase…you know the kind where you see an idea but haven’t quite worked all the details out? Anyway I spent under $4 on them and knew there might be a fun project for them (apart from making a name bracelet).

Today Miss 7 asked me to make her some play dough and I said I would if she practised her spelling and sight words…I then thought why not combine the two?! Genius! So we spent ages making sentences, names and words from her sight word list! Master 4 then got in on the action and we practised making his name and the alphabet from A-Z!

Fun Sight Word Activities for kids!

We’ve got so many Play Dough recipes here for you to try but this one was my Mum’s ‘old fashioned’ one from when she had my older brother…

Ingredients –

  • 1/2 cup Salt
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 2 teaspoons Cream of Tartar
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 Cup of cold water
  • A few drops of the food colouring of your choice

Method –

Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan over medium to high heat. Continue to mix over the heat until mixture thickens into a dough. Turn out onto some baking paper and allow to cool before ‘play’.

We hope you enjoy this fun sensory learning activity! You might also enjoy these activities.

Louise x

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