November 16, 2023

Water Pistol Canvas Art

Water Pistol Canvas Art

There’s nothing like creating a piece of art…especially when you’re using water pistols!

With only a few simple materials you can give your kids a fun activity that will also give you a treasured piece of art to hang on the wall! Everybody wins!

To make your own you will need:

Water pistol canvas painting supplies

A canvas (any shape or size you like)

Paint – I used fluro because that’s what I had but any will suffice:)

Water pistols

Step 1

Fill your water pistols with the paint (with mine, I unscrewed the barrel to fill)

Step 2

Add a touch of water so the paint is ‘spray-able’ and secure the water gun

Step 3

Take the canvas, your water pistols & your kids outside and it’s ready, aim, FIRE time!

Water Pistol Paintings

If you would like varying colours, you will need to empty out the water pistols and refill them with the colours (if you can’t be bothered with this, you could always buy 5 or so guns).

My kids had a blast doing this. I love that they worked together to create a special piece of art that I can keep for a life time!

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