November 29, 2022

Erupting Salt Art

Erupting Salt Art - a FUN mix of science and art!

Miss  has been asking to create some new Salt Art Paintings for a while now and after seeing Jenni’s cool Erupting Snow recipe I came up with the idea to try and make some Erupting Salt Art! It was a great success! Even Master   enjoyed watching the paint magically spread across the salt while FIZZING! So cool!

What you’ll need –

  • Cardboard (we used black for something new)
  • Cooking Salt (the cheaper the better)
  • Bicarb Soda
  • School glue
  • Vinegar
  • Food colouring
  • Eye dropper

Instructions –

Simply mix equal quantities of Bicarb Soda and Salt (I used 1 cup of each). Create a design on the cardboard by squeezing the school glue (try to keep all the lines joined so the colour will have a long path to spread), sprinkle with salt/bicarb mixture and allow to dry while you mix the ‘paint’. Fill several small containers with vinegar and then add a few drops of food colouring (this is a great opportunity to experiment with mixing colours). Once the glue has dried they can start to drip the ‘paint’ onto the patterns – they will be amazed to see the colour spreading and fizzing it’s way along their artwork!

Homemade fizzy paint!

Erupting Salt Art - a super fun mix of science and art!

We hope you enjoy this project as much as we did! Click here to see more FUN art ideas.

Louise x

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8 thoughts on “Erupting Salt Art

  1. Hi You do not say what you do with the bicarb/salt mix. Do you mix with the paint or the glue?Do you think this would work if I used inks instead of food colouring?
    I do enjoy your ideas, the kids love them.

    1. As long as you add vinegar to the inks, it should work. The chemical reaction you are looking for involves Bicarb Soda and vinegar as reactants. The rest is art.

  2. I was going to ask the same question as Tawny. I thought I missed a step. When/where do you use the salt/soda mixture?

  3. Tawny and Vicki I saw this on other site and they put the salt in the glue while it dried and when you add the paint with dropper it reacts. Hope that helps.

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