Incredible Sharpie Art Coasters Made by Kids
November 27, 2020

Incredible Sharpie Art Coasters Made by Kids

Incredible sharpie art coasters

These are so simple and easy to make- they make a fantastic keepsake and also a perfect gift for any occasion – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, Christmas Gifts you name it! The best part is – it will cost you next to nothing to make tonnes of them!

Check out our simple video tutorial at the top of this post!

To make your own, you will need:

White ceramic tiles (I got mine from a hardware store for $0.50 each

Isoprophyl alcohol (also from the hardware store)

Clear finish spray (found in hardware & craft stores)

Sharpie Pens – we used come cool neon ones for ours!

Sharpie Art Tiles by Kids

Step 1

Colour in your tiles using the sharpies pens in random format

Step 2

When completely covered, add small droplets of the Isoprophyl alcohol to your art and watch as it magically marbles (this is great for the kids to watch!)

Step 3

Let that dry for at least an hour

Step 4

Spray with the clear finish spray

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41 thoughts on “Incredible Sharpie Art Coasters Made by Kids

    1. Hi Laura, no, it needs to be the one mentioned. Sorry, we’ve heard some people have tried it with rubbing alcohol without success. Louise x

      1. I have tried michaels, home depot,Walgreen and nobody knows about or carries this alcohol you show.

      2. They sell a few diff strengths at my local Walmart and pharmacies. I think maybe 50%?, 70% and 90%. U have to look at bottle. Haven’t tried this yet. But the 90% is STRONG! Will remove the finish and some of the paint off ur furniture. It smears and removes part of my nail polish when I use it. I’m going to try that.

      1. Super neat idea btw!
        I have some glazed left over tiles, do u know if they would work, or if maybe I tried to sand the glaze off? And I’m hoping the 90% alcohol works. Fingers crossed.

      2. Hi Brandy, we think it will work on glazed :). Let us know how you go. Louise x

  1. 91 % isopropyl alcohol works great, the 50% does not work. Haven’t tried anything in between. Have bought at CVS and Walmart. I have the kids and myself work on sheets of foil to protect the tables and use q-tips dipped in alcohol to make dots instead of eye droppers.

    1. It works on fabric. My little granddaughters and I have “painted” T-shirts and pillow cases. The t-shirt material worked better. The fine, smooth finish on the pillowcase did not retain the vivid colors once they were washed…and I even used white vinegar to try to “set” the color.

  2. I tried this today. And my tile was glossy so I don’t know if it made a difference but when I sprayed it with the clear gloss spray it just spread the alcohol around some more. Help! Cause I want to make these for my kids parents at work.

    1. Christine, did you let the tiles fully dry before you sprayed on the gloss? The directions say to let it dry for at least an hour before the spray.

  3. I tried with 70% alcohol and 99% alcohol. The 70% was too weak and just sort of smudged the colour. The 99% was too strong and nearly bleached all the colour right off. So I mixed the two strengths together 1:1 to get something in the 85% range and that worked fine.

    The only tiles I could find were glazed and when I did a light to moderate coat of the sealant spray I have (a different brand than shown above) and then let it dry and then tried to wipe the tiles, the colour came right off. So I’m going to see if I can track down the same sealant, or find different tiles.

  4. After adding the drops of isopropyl alcohol (91%), do I need to let my tile dry before I repeat?
    My sharpie is just spreading all over my tile and basically turning out white if I use to much alcohol! 🙁

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