November 30, 2022

Floating Numbers – a FUN Number Recognition & Math Game

Floating Cork Pool Game fun way to learn numbers and Math skills
I created this ‘Floating Numbers Game’ to help my five year old daughter with her number recognition and to also practice her swimming and diving skills in the pool. We have since played it many times with the older children in our neighbourhood – they really enjoyed using their Math skills in this super FUN way!!
What you’ll need – 
  • An adult to supervise the kids around water
  • A pool or Bath (obviously no diving in the bath)
  • Wine Corks (you can ask friends to save them or inquire at your local restaurant or bar)
  • Permanent Marker

What to do –

Simply number your corks – we had 22 corks total, each numbered 1-20 and two with a multiply 2 as a bonus corks.

Floating Cork Game - Number Recognition games for kids
Here are some FUN ideas for ways to play and learn using them – 
  • Have them draw a cork from a tub – name that number and when correct toss it in the pool
  • Collect only odd or even numbers
  • See who can collect the highest or lowest number
  • Collect as many corks as possible and add them together to get a ‘highest score’ (you can also use the ‘bonus multiplying’ corks in this game)
  • Collect the number that matches their age – or two smaller denominations that equal that age.
  • Collect and place the corks on the pool edge from lowest to highest

Floatring Cork Game

*Golf Balls also make a great diving game – it encourages kids to put their heads underwater, open their eyes underwater and practice their general diving and swimming skills.

Golf Ball Diving Game

Don’t disrepair if you don’t have a pool, this game would be great in the bath – especially when the corks are hiding under all the bubbles!! You could also play this game in a water tub.

We hope you and your kids enjoy this game as much as we do – don’t forget to ALWAYS supervise your children around water!Here are some other COOL Summertime activities –

Louise x

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