November 17, 2023

BEST Kids project to date (using a Confetti Shooter). Louise

Just do it!!!
Just do it!!!

Well the name says it all – this is seriously the most FUN project I’ve done with my 4yo daughter…and we do A LOT of craft!

I spotted the ‘Confetti Shooter’ at BigW and instantly thought “That’s going to make an awesome collage”. So I threw it in the trolley and some spare ammunition to boot ;).

Miss M loves painting rainbows at the moment so I thought this would be the perfect chance to test out the ‘gun’.

Cheap and easy supplies.
Cheap and easy supplies.

You will need

‘Confetti Shooter’

Brown wrapping paper (found at most $2 stores)

Craft Glue

Paint/Sponge Brush

‘Safety’ Sunglasses

Cotton Balls

I’m sure it’s not the safest thing to play with so as a precaution we wore some safety glasses – well I couldn’t find any of those so we wore some fun fashion ones instead 😉

Firstly Miss M painted the rainbow shape with glue, secondly she made clouds using some cotton wool buds & finally the FUN part – shooting confetti all over the rainbow :).

Miss M was beside herself with excitement!
Miss M was beside herself with excitement!

It’s pretty clear to see the enjoyment written all over her face in these pics.

When the gun runs out...make a wish and BLOW!
When the gun runs out…make a wish and BLOW!

Pride of place on her bedroom wall.

Completed & hanging in prime position above her bed.
Completed & hanging in prime position above her bed.

A few important notes
This must be a supervised activity & glasses should be worn at all times. Don’t ‘shoot’ too close to the paper as it will shoot a hole straight through (especially if its a bit soggy from the glue). We used three rounds of ammo to complete this project.

Please try this with your kids because it is SO MUCH FUN!!!

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