November 17, 2023

Summer Fun Toy Rescue!

Toy RescueWith a few toys, some water and water pistols, you have yourself an afternoon full of FUN! The kids love to be a ‘superhero’ and ‘rescue’ their toys trapped in ice!

You will need:

Toy Rescue




Water Pistols

Toy Rescue

Toy Rescue

Step 1

Place a few toys into each container and add about 2cms of water to each. Add the containers to the freezer until frozen.

Toy Rescue
The first lot of ‘freezing’ will ensure the toys stay in place and won’t float to the top – allowing them to be ‘trapped’

Step 2

Remove containers from the freezer and fill them with water to the top and freeze again until all toys are frozen in place.

Step 3

Remove the frozen blocks from their containers (you could use a little warm water on the back of the containers to help ease them out)

Toy Rescue Toy Rescue 7

Step 4

Fill your water pistols with warm water and get shooting!!

Toy Rescue Toy Rescue 8 Toy Rescue 10

We really enjoyed this activity and I hope you do too!

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6 thoughts on “Summer Fun Toy Rescue!

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  2. Your idea is so awesome! In stead of letting the kids to shoot blindly, now, they have a target and they will feel fun too.

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