November 17, 2023

First Day of Kindergarten – Recorded with Sidewalk Chalk

We were very excited to ‘hit the streets’ again in our quest for chalk drawing ‘FUN’ in the lead up to a momentous occasion..our first born’s first (official) day of KINDY!
We are so thrilled to know that Little Master L and Little Miss M will be attending the same kindergarten together (like we aren’t close enough right!). We have car pools planned, rostered on ‘Mummy’ days together & a myriad of kindy craft days in the works!

Anyway, we digress. We wanted to do something similar to these pictures at the beginning of each school year. We want to ask the kiddies “what do you want to be when you grow up” and see how their responses change from year to year & (wouldn’t it be wonderful) to see if that’s the career path they land on!

Little Master L and Little Miss M can be very ‘creative’, ‘imaginative’ and…well how to you put this…’crazy’, so we were pleasantly surprised to learn that their future goals did not involve riding on the backs of butterfly’s or speaking to fairies…..however there are possible moon landings & lion taming on the cards so let’s see where that goes!

We just love how individual and imaginative they are! I’m going to add these pictures each year to a memory book for them to look back on!

We hope you enjoy our pics and hope that you will have a go & do it yourself for your little cherubs!

Happy first day of School!


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