November 17, 2023

Fun Masks/Props for Imaginative Play – Jenni



I had the pleasure of having Louise’s little Miss M over for a playdate with my Master L this afternoon! It had been raining so I wanted to do something FUN indoors. I made these very easy & very cute Masks/Props. The kids looked so adorable with them & we had fun hosting our very own photo shoot! These are also great for parties, weddings, hen’s nights etc. I did some Easter themed bunny faces & a few others for their entertainment.


All you will need is

White Card Stock

Pink glitter card stock (could use red or colour in white card stock)

Pipe Cleaners

Cotton Balls

Paddle pop or long Lolly Pop Sticks

Black Permanent Marker

Scissors &

Glue Gun


Bunny Face

Using your glue gun, add a large dob of glue to the top middle of your paddle pop stick. Glue the first two pipe cleaners in a cross formation, then glue the third straight across the middle.

Add a large cotton ball over the middle for your nose & that’s all folks!

For the others, it’s just a matter of drawing what you want. I did a moustache, lips, & glasses. Cut them out & glue gun them to your sticks!

Super Easy! Enjoy! Jenni x

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