Make your own Frozen Wreath – Elsa would be so proud!

DIY Frozen Wreath 2

My little girl (like every other girl on the planet) is OBSESSED with anything Frozen! Last year I made a Glowing Santa Tulle Wreath and the kids LOVE it! I thought I would try a similar idea, but of course going with the Frozen theme! I am so happy with the way it turned out!

To make your own you will need

A styrofoam wreath (I bought mine from Spotlight…you can also use ‘pipe insulation’ as seen here)

White & Blue Tulle – approximately 6inches x 100 yards (15cm x 91.4cms) – I get mine in rolls online here.

Blue Christmas Baubles

White &/or Blue Snow flake ornaments (I bought these from Myer about 5 years ago, but they always stock them. Most crafts stores have them too. You could also try online on Ebay or Esty for something similar)

White ribbon – approximately 1 metre

Battery operated christmas lights *optional (I bought mine from the $2 shop for $4.99 – they had 50 little white lights on them)

Hot Glue Gun

So to start with , cut your tulle into strips – the length of this will depend on the size of your wreath. Take a long strip of tulle and tie it around your wreath & double knot it as shown below. If you are happy with that length, take it off & cut the rest of your strips to match.


I tied about 10 strips of white then 2 strips of blue and so on and so on but you can do whatever pattern you like!

DIY Frozen Wreath

Tie your white ribbon somewhere along the wreath (I used a double knot again) so you will be able to hang your wreath.

Keep tying until you have a big fluffy tutu wreath! I took scissors and trimmed my wreath so it was all neat (thank you OCD) but you can be your own boss with this.

The next step is to glue on your snowflake ornaments. As you can see, I did alternating white & blue & overlapped them slightly

Next glue on your baubles. I placed them all on the wreath first so I can see they were going to be even, then glued them on one by one.

I then added my lights…again, this is optional, but it just looks so darn pretty at night! They are easy to add, just thread them in and around the tulle and hide the battery pack at the back!

Now hang your wreath for all to marvel at 🙂

Frozen Wreath 2

I am so thrilled with how this turned out! This is hung on my little girls’s door….now to think up one for my little boy!

Glowing Frozen Wreath

It glitters under the lights to beautifully!

Frozen Tutu Wreath

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