DIY Frozen Elsa Ice Castle
November 27, 2020

DIY Frozen Elsa Ice Castle

DIY Frozen Elsa Ice CastleWhen we were having fun with our Ice Sculptures last week, my little daughter said, “I would like to make an Elsa Castle”…so that is exactly what we did! This would be a great activity for a Frozen Themed Party too!

To make your own, you will need

Plastic containers (of varying size & shape)


Blue food colouring and


Off we go!

Step 1

Fill your containers with water & food colouring, then sprinkle in some glitter & stir through

Step 2

Place you containers into the freezer over night

Step 3

Take your ice blocks out of their containers and place on a large sheet of plastic or cardboard (one that you don’t mind getting messy) and let the kids ‘build’ their Castle

Frozen Elsa Castle Blocks

Fun DIY Frozen Elsa Castle Building Frozen Elsa Castle

Look at my gorgeous little sculptor! (always wearing a tiara of course!).

DIY Elsa Castle DIY Frozen Elsa Castle Glitter

We got some of the left over glitter and sprinkled some more over for extra wow! Our beautiful castle is fit for a Princess…or Queen!

After the special Elsa Ice Castle was built, it was super fun to get our hands dirty and mush it all up! It made for some fantastic sensory play!

DIY Frozen Elsa Castle Sensory Play

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3 thoughts on “DIY Frozen Elsa Ice Castle

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  2. I can’t wait to try out all of these Frozen crafts and projects with my daughter she’s going to love them. Plus I’ll love them too and it gives us some time together after a long week of work and school. Keep the cool crafts and projects coming so we have more to try. Thanks

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