November 16, 2023

Finding Dory Inspired Visor Craft

Finding Dory Inspired Visor Craft

We were so excited when we found out Finding Dory was coming to cinemas! We loved Finding Nemo and we adore Ellen Degeneres so this movie was a no brainer. We recently made this Finding Dory Inspired Paper Plate Aquarium – isn’t it just adorable!

Adorable Finding Dory Inspired Porthole Fish Craft

When I told the kids I was going to take them to see Finding Dory in the holidays they were thrilled and wanted to make something to wear? Ok, interesting! Anyway, we came up with this adorable Visor and they loved to make it almost as much as they loved wearing it!

Finding Dory Movie Visors

Look at those little cuties!

Ok, so to make your own you will need:

Paper plate (1 per hat)

Paint – Blue, Yellow & Black

Hole punch (or you could use a pencil)

Some elastic

Cardstock: 1 x white, 1 x purple

Black Sharpie Marker

Googely eyes

Adorable Finding Dory Visor

Step 1

Cut a U shape out of the top of your paper plate (as pictured above)

Step 2

Use the cut out section to create your fins, cut them out

Step 3

Paint the entire plate blue and paint the fins blue and yellow (as pictured). Let dry.

Step 4

Paint the black area onto your Dory

Step 5

Cut out two white circles from your card stock. Then cut two smaller purple circles. Glue them in place, then glue the googely eyes on top.

Step 6

Glue on your fins

Step 7 

Using your hole punch, create two holes to thread through your elastic and you are done! How adorable!

Dory VisorsHow adorable are these DIY Finding Dory Visors

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Jen x

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