November 29, 2022

Finding Dory inspired Paper Plate Aquarium

Finding Dory inspired Paper Plate Aquarium

I LOVE Dory (almost as much as I love Ellen Degeneres). I am so excited for the new Finding Dory Movie that I wanted the kids and I do some Finding Dory Inspired Crafts.

To make this Paper Plate Aquarium/Porthole Fish Craft you will need:

Two paper plates

Green tissue paper


DIY Glitter or Sand

Finding Dory images printed on cardstock

Blue Cardstock or paper

Sequins or diamante stickers (for the bubbles)

Silver pen

Plastic (I used an A4 plastic binder sheet)

Sticky Tape


Finding Dory Inspired Porthole Fish Craft

Finding Nemo Inspired Paper Plate Porthole craft

Step 1

Cut a hole in the first plate (as seen above) and tape it to the back of the plate (this step is for the porthole craft)

Step 2

Cut out your blue paper/cardstock to fit to the other plate and glue on

Step 3

Cut out seaweed shapes from your tissue paper and glue in place

Step 4

Finish decorating the plate by gluing on your Finding Dory characters, shells and glitter/sand and adding the ‘bubbles’

Step 5

(If you’re making the porthole) Glue on the other plate with the plastic, onto the second plate using your glue

Step 6

Add silver dots around the plate to make your porthole look more life like!

And you’re done!

Adorable Finding Dory Inspired Porthole Fish Craft

Jen x

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