November 30, 2022

Two Ingredient Slime

Two Ingredient Slime 1

Two Ingredient Slime

What? Two Ingredient Slime!? That’s right you only need TWO ingredients to make this BORAX FREE Slime and I KNOW you definitely have one ingredient at home right now.. you probably have both of them!

Ok, so, to make your own, you will need:

two ingredient slime 3

Metamucil (a natural fibre supplement found at most grocery stores & Chemists)

and water


There are many versions of this type of recipe floating about on the net, but thanks to the lovely Blog Me Mom, we have found the best one. Head here  to for the full recipe and correct measurements!

Let the kids have FUN playing with this super oozy & slimy slime! They will love you for it… my kiddos sure did!

two ingredient slime 5 two ingredient slime 6 two ingredient slime 4

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6 thoughts on “Two Ingredient Slime

  1. Hi, I tried the link but it doesn’t work? Would really like the correct measurements tho please 🙂

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  3. Why does it say, ” borax free ” like borax is a bad thing, borax is just sodium borate, a natural occurring mineral, the amount of borax you find in some slime recipes wouldn’t hurt anyone, even if they swallowed the entire amount. As far as that goes, you could even eat the entire bottle of glue and also be fine, although you might get a mild stomach ache.

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