November 16, 2023

How to become a Qantas Frequent Flyer point earning pro – plus a great Airplane Craft for the kids!


How to become a Qantas Frequent Flyer point earning pro – plus a great Airplane Craft for the kids!

This post is sponsored by the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program. 

Some people might think I’m a scrooge or one step away from becoming an ‘extreme couponer’ but for me this is all about doing every little bit I can to to help my family. I set myself point earning goals and feel a real sense of achievement when I can use these points to give back to my family. It doesn’t cost me anything to take part in the point earning ‘game’ and the rewards that I’ve received have been so worth it!

I hope these tips inspire you to take a look into the Qantas Frequent Flyer program and find simple ways to reach your own point earning goals sooner!

Plus, check out this cool Airplane Craft for the kids!

How to become a Qantas Frequent Flyer point earning pro! Learn some top tips to help maximize the rewards for your family!

Are you a frequent flyer member? Have you ever had a good look into your point earning history to determine how well and fast they are accumulating? My family have used our Qantas Points to purchase many things in the past from the Qantas Store varying from vacuum cleaners, wine, car rental, hotels and of course flights! In order to be so successful at saving points I did a lot of research on the best and smartest ways to gain rewards and points…and it’s not as hard as it sounds! FACT – you don’t need to spend more money in order to earn more Qantas Points? Another FACT – you don’t have to be a global jet-setter to earn decent and tangible point goals! You just have to learn how to be more selective and ‘play the point earning game’…it can actually be FUN!

There are so many great ways to gain points (far too many to list them all) but the following tips are the top ways that I have used to increase my point balance.

Here are some everyday living products and services that can earn you more points everyday.

You will be amazed to see how many extra points can be accumulated by selecting certain businesses and services through Qantas Frequent Flyer’s partners!

Credit Cards –
All major banks in Australia have cards that link to the Qantas Frequent Flyers program. It’s a great way to earn extra points on everyday spending.  I use my credit card to pay for all of our household electrical, water, rates, phone, etc, etc. I’m always careful to track my spending and pay off the card soon after payments are transferred. You can also ‘double-up’ your earning power when using these cards to pay for other goods and services as  listed below.

Living Expenses and Insurance –
Be smart when signing up for any new product or service. Qantas have many fantastic loyalty partnerships available with many companies. Here’s a classic example of how this system can work for you and your family – are you looking for Health Insurance or a new Energy Provider? Why not use the iSelect Services! Not only can they help you find the BEST comparable rates but they can also reward you with bonus frequent flyer points once you’ve found the best provider. Win, win!

Online shopping – 
Online shopping offers you SO many extra points! I would bet that you already use some of these websites quite regularly like iTunes, Apple, Ebay, Bonds, Pottery Barn Kids & Kogan? Did you know if you visit Qantas Online Mall and login before you shop you can earn points for ever dollar you spend via these websites? David Jones offer 5 points for every $1!! To give you an example of this I recently purchased the latest GoPro (I’d been saving for quite some time for this new camera) they aren’t cheap and I knew I needed to shop around for a great price. I was able to order it from Kogan at a competitive price while also earning 2 points per $1…on top of that I used my Visa credit card and earned an extra 1 point for every $1 I spent! I shop for all my iTunes music through the Qantas Online Mall in the same manner as above. You can even purchase gift cards that way! They have a HUGE selection of partnerships so click this link to see the amazing range.

Grocery and fuel partners – 
Many of you may have already signed up for the Everyday Rewards program at Woolworths and this is a great way to easily gain extra points on your everyday shopping and fuel! You can easily ‘link’ your card to the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program and start earning points for your everyday groceries today! You can also ‘swap’ your fuel voucher to earn points instead of your discount too –find out more here.

Qantas Restaurants  –
Planning a special dinner out with some friends? Why not use the Qantas Frequent Flyer program to book a table at your favourite restaurants and there’s always special deals on Tuesdays too! Make bookings here.

WIN Bonus points! 
It’s smart to keep an eye open for competitions run through the Qantas Frequent Flyer program! If you visit and set yourself a goal to save points towards, like a trip for the family to the Gold Coast, you will be in the draw to WIN 200,000 points! FIVE lucky winners will be selected – that’s 1 million FREE points in total! You could fly return to Paris or New York with 200,000 points and even have some leftover! *Entries close on 18th May 2008 see terms and conditions via their website.



FREE PRINTABLE Airplane Craft! Using a plastic bottle! Perfect for playgroups 'things that fly'!

We’ve also paired this information with a FUN and EASY craft that will help encourage your little learner to save money…in their very own DIY Airplane Money Box! Here are the things you’ll need and some easy instructions!

What you’ll need –

Instructions –

Print the free templates onto your carstock and cut around all the solid lines (one page needs to be printed twice). Gently fold along any dotted lines. Start by attaching the larger fuselage section using double sided tape (the tail section should line up), attach both sets of wings using double sided tape, make the engines using the two sets of rectangles (as seen in video), attach these engines onto the main body. Use more double sided tape to attach all the windows to the plane and remove the bottle cap to insert the propeller (as seen on the video).  We chose to paint our tail section red and include the iconic Qantas kangaroo (also included on the printable), you might choose to colour the panels in prior to making the plane or use coloured cardstock instead? Finally an adult will need to cut a small rectangle slot into the top of the main body for the coins to go in – a box cutter is the best tool for this job.

FREE PRINTABLE to make this cool Milk Bottle Airplane!

I hope you enjoy this fun craft! And may you earn many rewards with your Qantas Frequent Flyer program!

Louise x

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23 thoughts on “How to become a Qantas Frequent Flyer point earning pro – plus a great Airplane Craft for the kids!

  1. Very interesting. I always felt that you needed to be a big traveler to earn enough points to go anywhere. I didn’t realise how many other ways I could earn points. Thanks so much for this.

  2. Oh, thanks for this post! I always forget about collecting points…. until I wish I had enough to go somewhere haha 😉 Love the ideas of different ways to get them as we don’t fly much these days due to being a big family/… but when we do, some points would sure help us on our way!

    1. Hi Kate, It’s amazing how quickly they start to add up once you’re conscious of how to best go about it :). Glad you found the info useful! Louise x

  3. We have done more travelling recently, being overseas and my husband having to travel back to Australia quite a few times…but I didn’t know about the other ways to earn points. Cute plane craft too!! So clever.

    1. Hi Kelly, you’ll be able to have a family trip with all those extra points your husband is earning! Especially when combined with the other methods :).
      Thank you! The kids really enjoyed the airplane craft :).
      Louise x

    1. Hi Melissa,

      I know right?! I spend a lot on iTunes so it’s a great way for us to earn extra points :). Good luck reaching your point earning goal! Louise x

  4. We love QANTAS frequent flyer points here too. Hubby travels a lot with work and so it is so fun to see the points build up and dream about where we might go. We’re linked up all over the place to collect points. It’s fabulous 🙂 🙂

  5. We are Qantas lovers here too – but I have never thought about actively accumulating points, so thanks for these tips!!! We travel internationally at least once a year and with five family members now, I should really get more organised. LOL

    Love the plane too 🙂 Homemade toys are the BEST.

  6. Omg cute! I know a little girls that would love this airplane craft. It look so much like the Qantas plant too. he he

  7. We like to travel internationally once a year with the family and both my kids have been accumulating their points since they were young! I do link my woolworths card to it but I’m not much more active than that. I do shop at some of those other stores and should link it up to get more points. Not even sure how many I’m up to but I do have another flight booked with qantas to Vanuatu in a few months so that’ll earn some. Now, just to find somewhere to stay in Vanuatu! eeep. lol

  8. Just over 700,000 Qantas FF points earned in 18 months from applying for various credit cards and then cancelling the cards as soon as points have been credited to FF account. Outlay in card application fees of around $1,200. Many have no fee or waive the fee for the first year so you simply cancel the card prior to the first anniversary. If the card provider makes a mistake or there is a delay in receiving your card ask for the fee to be written off or you will cancel the card. Almost always works. When you have your points ring up and cancel card – sometimes they will offer you points just to keep the card but make sure you cancel the card before the 1st anniversay so you avoid the next scheduled annual fee. This doesn’t include points from shopping or flights taken. Banks love to charge us so it is great when you can beat them. Always pay off card to avoid interest. Weigh up cost of points against the value of the points you will receive. ANZ were recently giving 50,000 points with first year annual card fee waived. My wife and I thank ANZ fir 100,000 free FF points. If you care about having a number of applications for credit cards on your credit history then that is an issue for you to deal with. It hasn’t stopped me from making 700,000 points in 18 months.
    Providers used in last 18 months include (a number were used more than once) – ANZ, NAB, Citibank, St George, AMEX, David Jones AMEX, Macquarie and Bank West.

  9. Almost all of those examples will see you paying more for the Qantas points than if you shop around. Buying things from the Qantas store is shocking value. It is good value to use your points to go into the upgrade lottery for a premium cabin, but with Qantas if you don’t have status the likelihood of success is very low. Using your Qantas points for reward seats is barely worth it, if you can find a seat – again your status will determine your success – because Qantas charge almost as much in “taxes” as for an outright seat purchase. Savvy Ff’ers have jumped to more generous loyalty programs (VA, AA, KF etc) quite some time ago.

    1. Kind of agree with you here, best use of QFF points is to on Business seats, not economy seats, and definitely now from buying items from their store.

      Another tip is to have your kids enrolled as well, that way when we do fly as a family and pay for the tickets, we all earn points, and QANTAS doesn’t have a limit on family transfers anymore.

  10. I’v use point many time to travel business class to distant locations We are travelling the world at the moment, flown business class twice and half gone more than half way around the world. Only paying taxes!! Love my points, love collecting points and love Qantas.
    Thanks Qantas, couldn’t have done it without you.

  11. Are you sure you are not paying more for those services just because you receive Qantas points? they need to so they have a business, otherwise how do they fund the scheme.
    I am gold with both Qantas and Virgin (because I travel often) and recently tried to obtain an air ticket from Sydney to Zurich. Qantas 149000 points and $1080 in taxes, Virgin airfare was $1800 or (please hold your seats) 130000 points NO taxes……so Qantas points have much lower value than their competitors. I contacted Qantas and they told me they would change soon…….I have now stopped flying with Qantas for almost a year.
    Just my experience.

  12. Yes this is true, you can sign up to dozens of credit cards and pay thousands of dollars on annual fees to get points. you can stop going to your favourite restaurant, and go to one that charges twice as much to get about $10 worth of points, and finally you can shop at Woolworths and spend $250 on grocers you can get from Aldi for around $150 and make around 220-300 points, (for the same saving you could almost buy a plane ticket between Sydney and Melbourne).

    My point is if you shop there anyway, you may get a few extra points, but don’t go out of your way to spend $1000 extra than you would normally spend, just to get enough points to get you a free $200 plane ticket. Work out if you are spending the money for the points or for value, as otherwise you are really just wasting your money on a gimmick!

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