November 30, 2022

Marshmallow Slime

Marshmallow Slime.

My little girl is the biggest slime fan around! We’ve made Monster SlimeChocolate GoopJelly/Jello Silly Putty and plenty more. This time I decided I would create something a little ‘girlier’… behold my Marshmallow Slime!

Not only does it look, smell & feel wonderful, it is so simple to make (you only need 3 ingredients)!

To make your own you will need:

250g Marshmallows (we use the small ones)

300g Cornflour

1.5 cups water

Step 1

Place your marshmallows into a microwave safe dish and cook in 20 second burst stirring in between until melted (you should only have to do this twice)

Step 2

Pour the cornflour into a large mixing bowl

Step 3

Add the water and give it a really good mix – this is a fun part for the kids to do to!

Step 4

Add your melted marshmallows & mix again and you are ready to get your slime on!

This is the weirdest stuff…it is a solid one minute and a liquid the next! The kids won’t believe their eyes!

Marshmallow Slime 2 Pretty marshmallow slime Marshmallow Slime 4 Marshmallow Slime 3

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