November 17, 2023

GIANT Bubble Recipe

GIANT Bubbles Recipe!

How crazy cool is this recipe! Everything was in my cupboard, it took 5 minutes to mix up & after an hour or so, we had a fun, bubble-filled afternoon!

You will need:

12 cups water

1 cup dish soap

1 cup corn flour
2 tbs baking POWDER
Place all ingredients into a bucket & stir gently so as to not create any bubbles.
GIANT Bubbles Recipe!
Let the mixture set for at least an hour, stir gently again,  then get your BUBBLE ON!
GIANT Bubbles Recipe! GIANT Bubbles Recipe! GIANT Bubbles Recipe! GIANT Bubbles Recipe! GIANT Bubbles Recipe!  GIANT Bubbles Recipe! GIANT Bubbles Recipe! GIANT Bubbles Recipe!
We used a few different ‘tools’ for our bubble blowing. We already had the giant bubble ring, but we also used toilet paper rolls! You could also use plastic bottles with the bottom cut out, shape a coat hanger into a circular shape….it’s up to your imagination!
GIANT Bubbles Recipe! GIANT Bubbles Recipe!
Jenni x
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20 thoughts on “GIANT Bubble Recipe

  1. Hi there
    I made this bubble mix last weekend but found that the corn flour didn’t dissolve despite all the mixing. I used what we needed at the time (after waiting an hour) and then poured the rest into a clean 3L milk bottle. The cornflour just settled on the bottom and it feels hard. Can’t mix it in.
    Anyhow, we didn’t get giant bubbles. It didn’t seem soapy enough. I followed the recipe and used the cheapest dish washing liquid I could find. (Since I needed a cup of it).
    Should I have used a concentrated dish washing liquid? But that doesn’t explain the settled cornflour….

    1. Oh no! So sorry you didn’t get your giant bubbles! I wonder what happened? I used ‘Earth Choice’ dishwashing liquid but it is not a concentrate. Did you stir the mixture again after it had been sitting for the hour? I had to give mine a bit of a stir… the cornflour wasn’t too hard to mix though? Let me know..Jenni x

  2. HI,

    I had the same problem that Melanie had with the corn four settling to the bottom and not mixing in. I left it for the hour then stirred at lot then left it again and then stirred, still the cornflour settled and didn’t mix in. I used cold water, should I have used hot water?


  3. Hi Jenni,

    I had the same problem with the corn flour settling. I didn’t have a problem getting it all to combine in the first place, but the cornflour just wouldn’t stay mixed. I used Coles brand corn flour and dishwashing liquid. Will try the White Wings Corn Flour, but which dish soap did you use? I imagine that would also play a big role and that the different dish soaps may have very different compositions.

    Let me know and will try again. Thanks!

  4. I made this for my kids last weekend on the Friday night and stirred it again the next morning, left it another 2hrs and could not get the bubbles to form. They would just pop before even getting out of the wand. So I tried putting extra dish soap in (another whole cup) still with no luck. I tried using a coathanger first, the a zip tie, then I even resorted to using a normal bubble wand. It has now been a week left sitting and we haven’t been able to successfully blow any bubbles with this mixture. So I went to the shop and bought some bubble soap, made your sock and bottle blowers and they were a big hit. I love your website and have tried HEAPS of ideas, but am very disappointed with this recipe. Keep up the awesome fun activities, our family have a lot of good times together trying new things, thanks 🙂

  5. Just thinking out loud here but perhaps if you mixed the corn starch in 2 or 3 cups of water before pouring it into the bucket, it would solve the problem. Corn starch is the glue-like part of the solution and if it just gets dumped in, it might make a glue on the outside and not let the water in to the inner particles which would create lumps.

    Mix the cup of corn starch into 2 or 3 cups of water and add to bucket then add the rest of the ingredients. Then try and see if that solves the problem. When using corn starch in cooking, it is always mixed with water first before added to the food so it seems like that would be a reasonable first step.

    1. I did that when I made them Jennifer. It mixed in really well, but then settled over time. I tried a second batch, trying to stir more often, with no success. I keep forgetting to pick up some morning fresh to see if brand makes any sort of difference though…..

    2. It did work well with the sock bubble blowers though. The girls loved those. And hubby still hasn’t noticed that a pair of socks went missing 😉

    3. I mixed the cornstarch with 2 cups of hot water and it dissolved perfectly! I tossed that into a bucket and added 10 more cups of warm water, stir and then gently added the soap. Worked like a charm!

  6. I wonder if you cooked the corn flour first in some of the water, making a gluey mixture then added it????

  7. Here’s a simliar recipe that I got from a book about making giant bubbles. You can use it right away too. (Not sure why you have to let yours sit for an hour.) It also says the best time to make bubbles outside is when it’s hot and humid but not windy. Here in Canada, we get a few of those kind of days in summer but I don’t know what your summers are like there in Australia. I also don’t know if cornstarch is the same as cornflour. Hope it works for you better!
    12 cups water
    1 cup dish soap (Australia-Morning fresh)
    1 cup cornstarch
    2 tbsp baking powder

  8. The cornflour is always going to settle aftet a while as it is so fine that it cant stay attached to the other ingredients. We use it for batter and it always seperates. If you make a slurry with the cornflour and a little water it will have no lumps but will still seperate. Mix all the rest together and remove any froth from the top. The mix will work straight away. The active ingredient is the baking powder and if you add it last it will thicken in front of your eyes. The resting is only for the froth on top to pop so take it off and you are ready to go.

  9. Hi! LOVE your website! My children and I filled our summer with your fantastic recipes.
    This one worked great for us, as did every other recipe we have tried from your site. In fact, your site is my #1 “go to” for recipes. We sometimes have tight budget, your site has become a trusted source for a good time. It is difficult to find recipes that really do work….so I appreciate you sharing the ones that have worked for you. Because of your “trial and error” my children and I have been able to have an amazing time…without having to spend a ton of money on mishaps!
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Oh wow Kerry, you don’t know how happy that makes us to hear! Thank you. So glad we can help you have more fun with your kiddies!!

  10. I am a chef and use corn starch all the time. I am going to try “cooking” this solution to gel the corn starch so it will stay suspended. After it cools, I’ll have the grand babies try it out. mmmooooorrrrreeee later!

  11. Just a thought. A lot of supermarket “cornflour’ for thickening recipes seems to be wheat based. Maybe you should only use the cornflour that is actually made from corn.

  12. Hi all! I tried this today with great success. The kids had a fab 2 hours making homemade bubble wands and using the bubble recipe on this page to form huge bubbles. The only thing I did very slightly different from the recipe was to use hot water and vigorously whisked the corn flour then the baking powder. Once it cooled, I gently stired in washing-up liquid and remixed the corn flour that had settled to the bottom of the bowl. It worked amazingly even though some of the corn flour did congeal at the bottom of the bowl and wouldn’t mix-in.

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