November 30, 2022

15 Ways to encourage your Kids to eat Fruit & Veg

15 ways to encourage your kids to eat fruit & veg

Our Top 15 Tips to encourage your Kids to eat Fruit & Veg!

1. Make healthy food look FUN – turn something that can be a little boring into something the kids are enticed to eat! You can use cookies cutters to make shapes too. Fill their Lunchbox with FUN food! Like this too!

2. Lead by example and eat a variety of fresh fruit & veggies. Perhaps incorporate a ‘healthy snack time’ with your kids that you can all eat together.

3. Variety is the spice of life. Add different colours to their plates. This encourages them to eat a variety of vitamins too!

4.  Get the kids involved in the food shopping. Take them to your local Fruit & Veg Shop and speak to the grocer about how to tell when fruit/veg is fresh or not etc. Make it an educational experience.

5. Take your kids fruit picking. We often visit our local Strawberry Farm! This gives them an opportunity to learn where the fruit comes from and how it grows i.e: on a vine, in the ground, on a tree etc.

6. Start your own fruit & vegetable garden. This gives kids a hands on understanding and gives them a sense of pride eating their finished product.

7. Get them involved in chopping and preparing the fruit & veggies (if they are old enough and supervised).

8. Try to buy fruit & veg that is in season – they are the freshest and tastiest. If you are unsure of this, ask your local Fruit Grocer.

9. Make Fruit & Veg easily accessible. Have a bowl of fruit on your counter top & have freshly cut fruit & veg in the fridge ready to go.

10. Freeze grapes or bananas for a special frozen treat!

11. Be sure to praise your child with positive reinforcement whilst they are eating healthy food.

12. Explain to your children the health benefits of eating fruit & veg. Ie: you’ll grow big and strong, it will help you run faster, it will help your brain grow etc.

13. Establish a ‘fruit break’ routine. Ie; Morning fruit break & afternoon fruit break. If the kids are used to this then they will come to expect it. This will also help you to reach the daily recommended intake of fruit and veg.

14. Make yummy fruit smoothies.

15. Kids love to ‘dip’ so make up yummy & healthy dips such as this hommus recipe.

Head to our Pinterest board here to find many other great ideas!

Screen Shot of Pinterest BoardLike all mothers we are always looking for ways to better the health of our children and limit the level of impurities they ingest. Clean living for our Children! Sure, we let them have the odd treat, but in general, we like to make sure that they are healthy little people.

Like everything, we like to add a bit of ‘Fun’ to our children’s day, so instead of giving the kids a piece of fruit or a fruit salad, we made ‘Fruit Kebabs’ as a special treat. They are easy to make, look good enough to eat and best of all HEALTHY!

IMG_5777We recently got to ‘test drive’ the new Water Filters from Cleansui too! We were super excited as, again the health of our children is very important! They loved the taste of the water (yes, they can taste a difference and so can we!). They really loved the idea of pouring their own water straight from the jug – this in turn promotes them to drink more water and become more independent!


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These Jugs are a fantastic for taking away on camping, holidays and on Picnics! They are small enough to fit in with the luggage and no matter where you are you have access to clean, bacteria free drinking water that tastes just like home!
Not only do they have these wonderful jugs, Cleansui have Super High Grade Tap Filters too! You now have the convenience of having access to fresh filtered water directly from your tap – making staying healthy easy!
We highly recommend the Cleansui range and urge you to check out their site and product range here.

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