November 30, 2022

Fun Lunch Box Ideas! – Jenni


Master L’s lunch box is all packed and ready to go for his first day at kindy! I love to make his lunch ‘Fun’ (of course)!

The Japanese Mum’s do lunch boxes best – they call it ‘Bento’ and it is amazing! (if you haven’t already – google it!). I bought a mini ‘Bento’ pack off Ebay (which was quite inexpensive). It came with a little stamp set in which I shaped the ham & cheese – how cute are the little elephants!. It’s hard to see but his boiled egg is in the shape of a bunny rabbit!
Another cute part of the Bento set….you boil & peel an egg then put it in the mould and voila! So in the Japanese ‘theme’ of things I made little ‘Sushi Sandwiches’ with tuna, cucumber & philly cheese (Master L LOVES sushi so this will do the trick!). He also loves Hommus, so I added that to the bottom of the small container & topped with carrot & cucumber.
Then he has yoghurt topped with strawberries. I also used cookie cutters to make some fun shapes out of Watermelon, & Pineapple. He was so excited to peek inside his lunchbox this morning!
Valentine's Day Lunch Box Ideas!
Valentine’s Day Lunch Box Ideas!

Here is a lunch box I did for Valentine’s Day….awwww : )

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