November 16, 2023

17 ways to Create Fun Family Memories

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At Paging Fun Mums we are all about making fun memories with our kids. Here are just 17 things that have created life long memories for us as families and we’d like to share them with you! There are so many more ideas so make sure you follow us to keep up with the fun ideas we share! 

fun things for kids to do

Chalk Art

A fun activity to create a family photo to keep forever! You can head here to find some inspiration!

Fun Science Experiments

Not only is this super fun, but it’s also educational for the kids…you might even learn something along the way too! Head here for plenty of ideas to get you started.

Gardening together as a family!

You’d be surprised how therapeutic gardening is! It’s also a great way for kids to learn where food comes from and encourage them to eat healthily! Learn how to plant your own herb garden with your kids here.

Go see a Movie

There are so many amazing kids movies out now that adults can get a kick out of! We recently went to the preview of Inside Out and I’m pretty sure the Mums loved it more than than the kids! You can check out our adventures here. We created memories that our kids will treasure forever!

fun things to do with kiddies

Visit your local Arcade

If you haven’t taken your kids to an arcade yet, then you should give it a try! It’s not as expensive as you think and the kids go crazy for it! With all the flashing lights, tickets coming out of machines and prizes at the end it’s a sure winner (it’s also secretly great for fine and gross motor skills!)

Go for a Family Bike Ride

There’s nothing better than going for a bike adventure. If you’re kiddies are little these little trailers are a fantastic option! They get to have all of the fun without all the work/falling of their bikes! You can go to your local park or perhaps google some bike tracks in your area – it’s always so fun to discover new places! You could even pack a picnic to take with you!

Visit Nature

Get outside! Explore your local rainforest, beach, river, or park. You can discover so many things in your area…we have a beautiful waterfall 10 minutes from our house that I didn’t even know existed until a friend of mine mentioned it! Get talking to people in your area or jump online to find unique nature activities that will create lifelong memories for your family

Have a Movie Night

This sounds so simple (and I’m sure you already do this) but sometimes it’s nice to go ‘old school’ and take the kids to the video store to pick their movie. It’s different to a downloaded movie or getting it from Apple TV and it’s an experience in itself. If you make it a regular thing (perhaps every Sunday night), you can incorporate popcorn, sleeping bags, pizza – anything that will make the night ‘special’ for your family!

fun things


Visit a Zoo

There are so many things to see and do at at a Zoo! Kids love animals and it’s an amazing (and educational) day out for the whole family

Fly a Kite

I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t absolutely LOVE flying a kite! You can do it anywhere! Beach, park, backyard it doesn’t matter. If you have a windy day and a kite, you can bank on wonderful childhood memories!

Go Fishing

Kids love the idea of fishing. You can teach them about the line, how to bait the hook & have fun in the anticipation of catching that fish! It’s a great time to chat about the world around you and to really bond as a family.

Play Dress Ups

There’s nothing more fun for a child then to see their parents being silly! Get loose, put on some funny glasses and dance around the house, the kids will love you for it!

fun things to do with kids

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

It’s so fun to put together a list of things for the kids to find! You get to watch their excitement as they tick off their list & it’s a great bonding experience!

Make Paper Aeroplanes

So simple, yet so much fun! There are entire websites dedicated to the art of the paper plane! I’m sure you all know how to make one, but you can get all technical and make a fun afternoon activity out of it!

Visit an Aquarium

Kids love the wonder of the deep blue sea so it’s no wonder they love exploring at an aquarium! Such a fun family outing!

Go Fruit Picking

There are so many places available to do this! A lot of Fruit Picking farms make a business out of having the public come and enjoy the experience! The kids can learn how food is grown and harvested. A fun weekend activity!

Visit a Restaurant

There’s nothing more fun than sitting down at the dinner table and talking to your kids…unless it’s at a restaurant!

We were recently invited by McDonald’s to come in and experience their new Create Your Taste menu with our families. If you have never heard of this before, Create Your Taste is all about you making your very own gourmet burger using a touch screen inside the McDonald’s restaurant!. You can choose from 30 delicious ingredients and make your perfect burger your way! You choose your bun, then add as many ingredients as you like. If you want 2 patties, you got it! If you want crispy bacon – no problem! If you want two different cheeses – go right ahead! There are so many other new delicious ingredients to such as guacamole, grilled mushrooms, pineapple, jalepenos (yes this is still McDonald’s). THEN you can choose from 9 sauces! The Chilli Jam was our fave! You can make that into a meal with fries and any drink you like (including drinks from the McCafé). You can also order anything else from the regular menu. You can pay at the kiosk or at the counter (pay wave is our thing). Done!

We have been to this particular McDonald’s before but this time we immediately noticed a whole new feel and atmosphere with lots of families experiencing and enjoying the new touch screen menu system.

We were greeted by a friendly staff member who immediately walked us though the touch screen ordering system  (this wasn’t just for us – that is her main role – to educate diners on this new touch screen experience). We discovered that one half of the McDonald’s kitchen is entirely dedicated to the new Create Your Taste menu.

Create your taste

We were pleasantly surprised how easy the menu was to navigate and also so much FUN! We didn’t feel rushed and frazzled as we often feel in a queue – we could take our time and choose from all of the ingredients to build our very own customised burger…and boy, did we customise that burger!

Our husbands equally enjoyed the fun experience and got excited about the option of adding Tortilla chips to their burgers (happy husbands).

After the fun of ordering our very own masterpiece burgers using the touch screens. We let the children have a ball in the playground and watched as they got their faces painted by a wonderful entertainer!

Our burgers were then hand delivered to us on a wooden board and our chips were in a cute little basket. We kept having to remind ourselves we were at McDonald’s! Suffice to say, our burgers were beyond delicious! The Angus Beef patties were super succulent and with all of the different flavour combinations it was like a party in our mouths.

We enjoyed our experience so much, we’ve decided to host our very own  Party! We want YOU to come – what a great opportunity to connect with some of you (our valued readers) in person as well as you getting to test the new Create Your Taste menu. We want you to come and have some family fun with your kids and create your own special memories. We will have games and on the day and THREE out of our TEN lucky readers will walk away with either a $500, $300 or $200 VISA CARD! See full terms and conditions in the widget below. If you are not a selected ‘winner’ we still invite you to come along to say hello! We’d love to meet you and have some fun with us! Please enter below!
McDonald’s Create Your Taste Party!

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  1. There’s a tonne of great ideas in there. I particularly love family Bike rides as its fun and it gets the kids out and about doing some exercise in the fresh air. We usually head to one of the nearby playgrounds and we chase the kids around for awhile so that they are completely and utterly exhausted!! (Gives me a good work out too)

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