August 10, 2023

15 of The Most Popular Crochet Patterns

15 of the most popular crochet patterns onlne!

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Wow, it seems that Crochet has become a very trendy thing again! I can’t wait to learn how to to create some of these myself!

Beautiful Owl Crochet Blanket Pattern

  1. Adorable Owl Blanket Crochet Pattern – download it here.
    Mermaid Crochet Pattern

2.Mermaid baby crochet blanket and headband. Download it here.
Crochet Easter Pattern

3.How amazing is this project – hatching Easter Chicks! Find the pattern here.

Sandal Crochet Pattern

4. Cute Knitted Baby Sandals here.
Unicorn Pattern

5.Gorgeous Knitted Toy Unicorn here.

Cute Toy Bunny Pattern

6.How sweet are these cute Bunnies! Find the printable pattern here.
Fox Crochet Balnket Pattern

7.Fox Blanket pattern. Find the printable pattern here.
Crochet Fox Slippers pattern

8.Or how about these cute fox slippers! Find the printable pattern here.

Summer crochet baby slippers

9.Or these great flower sandals. Find the pattern here.

Crochet Bunny Slipper Pattern

10.These Bunny Toddler slippers are Adorable! Find the pattern here.
Adult Sized Crochet Bunny Slippers Pattern

11.Something for the big kids – these cute adult sized crochet slippers! Perfect for Easter! Find the pattern here.
Baby Lion Slippers

12.Baby Lion Slippers. Find the printable pattern here.
Baby Bomer Jacket - Crochet Pattern

13.This Bomber Jacket is insane! I presume it’s one for the more advanced at crochet? Find the pattern here.
Biker Baby Crochet Pattern Jacket

14.Or why not go for this not so leather biker jacket! Find the pattern here.

Crochet Ice Cream Rattle Pattern

15.These Crochet Ice Cream Rattles would make a great baby shower gift. Find the pattern here.

We hope you enjoy this little sample of Adorable Crochet Patterns! You might like to find your own top 15 here on Etsy! Or check out more of our featured stores here.

Lou x

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4 thoughts on “15 of The Most Popular Crochet Patterns

  1. Knitted items are not crochet. They are very different patterns and techniques. It is similar to trying to convince someone that a meatloaf is a pastry. Just because the items used have some overlap, it doesn’t mean they are interchangeable.

    Sorry, but I get disappointed when I see a cute pattern that is supposed to be crochet and turns out to be knitted.

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