November 17, 2023

Frozen Halloween Pumpkin

Frozen Halloween Pumpkin Carving Idea! Let it go, let it go...Miss 6 requested a Frozen Halloween Pumpkin this year (no big surprise there). We had so much fun playing with our Fairy Pumpkin last year that I decided to try and include another imaginative play element to this year’s design…and this is what we came up with!

First of all we cut the top from the pumpkin and scooped out all the gross seeds…Miss 6 loves this part lol! I then drew the “Let it go” and snowflakes onto the pumpkin using a whiteboard marker (this way it easily wipes off as you go), I used a small chisel tool to chisel away the pumpkin skin under the writing and snowflake designs (without going all the way through the pumpkin).

I then made some erupting ‘snow’ using this recipe.

Miss 6 then enjoyed scattering the snow and placing her Frozen characters around the pumpkin…as it got darker we enjoyed watching the designs start to glow from the LED light we placed inside.

Frozen Halloween Pumpkin Idea and play scene!

Frozen Inspired Halloween Pumpkin!

This was a super easy project! I really hope it gives you some inspiration for all the mini Frozen fans out there this Halloween.

Louise x

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