November 17, 2023

DIY Lace Crowns

DIY Lace Crowns

DIY Lace Crowns

I have seen this idea at a few different places (including ‘Bitter Betty Industries‘ and I am completely and utterly in LOVE! What little Princess wouldn’t want one of these…I know a full grown Princess that does ; )

They look so intricately divine, but here’s a little secret…they are SO, so simple to make!

I made some ‘Mummy and me’ matching crowns for my little Princess’s dolly’s too! Seriously, way too cute! The little girl inside of me is squealing with excitement over this craft!

Ok, let’s get started!

All you need are a few items:

DIY Lace Crowns

Lace (I experimented with quite a few different types but I would suggest the best two types to use are ‘Cluny’ or ‘Guipure’ Lace – I found these at my local craft/fabric shop : )

Fabric stiffner

Acrylic paint

Paint brush and/or paint sponge


‘Bling’ can use pearls, beads, diamantes etc. I found everything at my local craft store

Glue gun or very strong craft glue

Spray paint (optional)

The first step is to drench your lace in the fabric stiffener…I bought one 250ml bottle and it was enough to cover 8 or so crowns! – and I still have a little left over! I lay all of my lace pieces onto a large piece of Baking Paper/wax sheeting – to make sure nothing got ‘stuck’. I then painted the fabric stiffener onto each piece ensuring all parts were completely covered (I got my hands involved with this part too!).

DIY Lace Crowns

Let them dry for an hour or so (or over night if you prefer) then paint on another good layer.

Your lace will be nice & stiff.

Now for my favourite part…the decoration of your Crown! There are so many ways you can do so too, you can be as simple or as intricate as you like!

I used a few different methods:

1. I painted/sponged the lace with acrylic paint, then covered in matching glitter (whilst still wet).

DIY Lace Crowns

DIY Lace Crowns

2. I spray painted the lace with spray paint (I used gold ). You can even skip the fabric stiffener step with this too! Again, I covered the paint in matching glitter whilst it was still wet (sorry the photos of me doing this didn’t turn out : ( but this is crown that I spray painted.

DIY Lace Crowns

DIY Lace Crowns

Then I ‘blinged up’ the Crowns with pearls, diamantes etc and using my glue gun created various patterns.

I made sure I did this in the centre of the lace.

Once the Crown’s were all complete & dry, I measured the sizing by placing the lace around Miss A and ‘Dolly’s heads. Then trimmed any excess lace and glued together.

DIY Lace Crowns

DIY Lace Crowns DIY Lace Crowns DIY Lace Crowns

I had a butterfly embellishment which looked beautiful when added to this crown!

DIY Lace Crowns DIY Lace Crowns

I find it very hard to pick a favourite from all of these, but I think the butterfly & this silver crown take pole position!

DIY Lace Crowns

DIY Lace Crowns

So simple & so beautiful!

Louise & I took a trip to the ‘Bli Bli Castle’ here on the Sunshine Coast & I managed to capture a few gorgeous pics of the crowns there…

DIY Lace Crowns DIY Lace Crowns DIY Lace Crowns

And here is the delightful Mikayla. She is like my own, bless her little cotton socks! Totally rocking the purple crown!

DIY Lace Crowns

The gorgeous tutus featured in this post were made by Louise and I (Louise being the other half of PFM). Louise has a tutorial of how you can make your own here

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you enjoy making one for your little Princess.

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9 thoughts on “DIY Lace Crowns

    1. Thank you Anne, there are so many different varieties of lace available too. So glad that you like them.
      Louise x

  1. THANK YOU HEAPS! i hv been looking for this and stumbled upon your page on Google. Will defo do this. Hopefully it works.

  2. Thank you so much. I have been trying to find a way to make a crown for my granddaughter’s Frozen birthday. What a perfect solution. I will be going lace shopping. Thanks again, keep up the great work.

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