November 30, 2022

Crayola Marker Maker

marker maker 2 large

That’s right, you can MAKE your own MARKERS! I don’t know who was more excited about this awesome product from Crayola –  the kids or me!

Crayola 1

Ok, maybe it was the kids…but just by a little bit ; )

The Marker Maker allows the kids to custom design their own colours! It’s like a super fun science experiment.

Crayola 2

You take your marker ‘nib’ and push it into your marker barrel.

Then place the marker barrel in the ‘well’.

Choose your colour from the colour chart (this is soooo cool!)

Then fill up your ink into the measuring tubes as stated on the chart.

Crayola 3

Then you take your special scientific tweezers & pick up a pen core.

Dip this into the ink & watch it magically absorb!

Place the inked up core into your marker barrel.

Crayola 4

Push in a ‘plug’ for the end of the marker.

Then pull the marker making lever handle down and press firmly on the marker to make sure the end plug is secured in place tightly. You will hear it click into place

Pop the cap on your marker and TA-DAH you have made your VERY OWN marker!

Crayola 6

The Marker Maker pack ALSO includes marker boxes that the kids can personalise and colour in using their new markers. There’s even sticky labels to add your special colour name onto the marker!

The kids were so excited by this activity and want to do it over and over again! Luckily you can buy refills…I can see a lot of Marker Making in our future – they would make a very cute gift too!

This pack Includes the Marker Maker Unit, Components for Making 16 Custom Colour Markers, 3 Bottles of Ink (Red, Blue, Yellow), Mixing Guide, Marker Labels and 2 Marker Storage Boxes. I think it’s a bargain for the price too!

The box recommended this for Ages 8 and up, but my nearly 6 year old had an absolute blast and was able to make all of his own Markers easily!

You can buy your own Marker Maker here in Australia currently from Big W at an everyday retail of $30 Or you can head to Crayola’s Website to read more about this awesome product here.

—————————————————{WIN, WIN, WIN!!!}——————————————————————————

Crayola have kindly provided us with THREE of their Marker Makers to GIVEAWAY to THREE lucky Fun Mums!!

All you need to do is tell us (in 25 words or less) “What do you enjoy about watching your children create”? Place your answers in the comments section below – it’s that simple!

*see full T&C’s outlined at the bottom of this post.


Good Luck Fun Mums!!

Jenni & Louise xx

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140 thoughts on “Crayola Marker Maker

  1. I love that when kids create, they show how they see the world in a whole different way and make us look at it anew.

    1. I love watching the expressions of happiness of my grandchildren while they are creating their masterpieces.

  2. I love to watch my son create things from plat dou. His imagination kicks into gear and the limits are endless. He was born with two holes in his heart so we have a lot of down days and so we go through a lot of markers and stuff but great full for everyday

  3. I love watching my children use their imagination & ingenuity to create things as it makes them proud of themselves and makes me happy!

  4. I love that kids have such freedom of creation (flying blue horse with crown tick) without the constrictions that we as adults place on ourselves

  5. I enjoy watching my child show her creative side through any art. Each time she becomes better and better, her family drawings are the best.

  6. I like them showing their creative side, working together, communicating and sharing ideas, being entertained and pride and satisfaction when finished.

  7. I love seeing their little personalities come out in their drawings and seeing their interpretation of event that have happened.

  8. I love that by watching them create I am transported back to my own childhood of wonder, amazement, beauty, joy and a sense of freedom.

  9. I enjoy watching my kids create wonderful thngs from nothing, they have so much creativity and show me how simple things can become amazing. Their faces and expressions are awesome full of every emotions. They show how to have fun and enjoy every minute with them.

  10. I really enjoy seeing the enjoyment they get when making their creations, I feel so bad that I can’t keep them all!

  11. I love that I get a glimpse into his mind when I look at his artwork. I see the world how he sees it.

  12. Being blessed to watch my daughter bloom into her own personality and watching her express herself through her creativity is awesome! Seeing the world through her heart and soul!

  13. I love when the imagination is brought to life on paper! The smiles that come from seeing what they are able to do is priceless!

  14. It’s an insight into his minds as I watch his imagination take form. It’s an awesome time, and I especially love our discussions around his creations.

  15. I love watching them create pictures because they’re so proud when I laminate their artworks and stick them on the walls!

  16. I love when my kids come up to explain to me what it is that they have created, most of the time it is something completely different to what I thought it was!

  17. Creativity shows true feelings and thoughts and is a important part of my child’s life.

  18. I love watching my 16 month old develop his scribbling skills and seeing how interested he is in crafts while watching his momma make things. I can’t wait to be able to do more fun artistic stuff with him as he grows!

  19. I love seeing how their little imaginations work to create their masterpieces.I save 99.9% of everything they do! It’s all amazing to me.:)

  20. I love the silence as they devote themselves to the task 100%, and I can have a cuppa in peace (selfish but true).

  21. No matter what they draw – they all look like Mammy and Daddy – I take it as a compliment!

  22. However abstract the pictures the kids know exactly what they are, it’s ‘Surreal’ thing!

  23. I love watching her eyes light up and the pure joy on her face when she picks up a marker and crates a picture of the world as she sees it.

  24. I love watching all the different colors and shapes my son use when he creates something new and love how proud he is too.

  25. I love seeing the excitement in my daughters eyes when she creates new and exiting things, she loves craft time, and so do I!

  26. I just love watching them create their own creations, to see how amazing that little heads can think, and to every time surprise me with what they made.

  27. Seeing the things they come up with. Only out of the imaginations of a child can come such wonder and creativity. My girls love arts & craft

  28. I love the way my girls get along and my older one helps the younger one draw something spectacular. The have such great imanginations.

  29. I love to hear the little stories my children come up with while they are drawing and colouring and using their imagination.

  30. Watching their imagination run wild and the pure excitement and pride they get from making the simplest of things.

  31. I love watching my daughter great happiness. When she shares a smile she lights up a room and brightens everyone day.

  32. As a mom I like the way my 2 boys exsplore everything in life and just to see how they focus what they started they must finnished especialy with crafts, it is so amazing how they use there colours in very creative way! My youngest son are colour blind but inhis own way mark his crayons so that he knows what colour he is using!

  33. The hilariously innocent creations they come up with that look so dirty and wrong to an adult mind!!! Their works of art put a smile on my face for many reasons lol

  34. The raw talent that is only going to get better and better. Kids see things in a way that’s so unique, individual and amazing.

  35. I love watching how excited she is when she explain what she has drawn and shows me what she has created.

  36. At the moment our daughter likes to mix colours and fascinating with new colour that she can make

  37. Their imagination at work. Some “art” may be unrecognisable at first but, once explained to me, makes perfect sense – of course!

  38. How their imagination can create something so precious to them & the enjoyment & sense of achievement they get doing it

  39. WONDERFUL stories in bright colours, splashes, dots and lines and tell me all about their adventures and fun

  40. I love their creative spirit
    Seeing their imaginations at work
    Their great combinations of colours
    While their minds go berserk!

  41. I love the look on their faces when they show you their creation. They are so proud of themselves – especially when you praise them!

  42. I love the exclamation of achievement my 2 year old yells out after every stroke of the page, so proud of his creations 🙂

  43. I love her magical creativity, that shines through in her art work her draws and sketches are just beautiful.

  44. I love watching my boys create masterpieces. My 5year old made a bracelet that I wear constantly.

  45. The joy and wonder in their faces as something they have created comes to life. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s their unique creation.

  46. I love seeing my girls face drewing. She has do much fun. We have a little table set up in her room.
    So happy

  47. They’re not afraid to go out of the lines, mix colors that don’t really match and use things differently to their actual purpose!

  48. I love having having fun with them – creating artwork and watching their minds tick over with all the possibilities they can create.

  49. It amazes me everytime she puts pen to paper,shows the innocence of a child,we get to see the world thru their eyes

  50. I love how proud they are when they finish and make sure that myself and hubby get a good look at what they have done

  51. Seeing his mind at work, creating new ideas and either making them, or putting them on paper.

  52. They have a sense of pride with their creations. It also helps me to see what is going on emotionally. Mostly the fun they have.

  53. I am still surprised what my six year old comes out with like today she had me a new picture and said mummy remember the one i did yesterday its like that family one but this one is just for you

  54. I love watching my daughters imagination run wild. It makes me feel so proud knowing that she really enjoys what she is doing!

  55. I love watching my children create original masterpieces with their Crayola supplies. The creativity and the passion they have when they start doodling and coloring is awesome. I havent gotten rid of any of their artwork. Its all too beautiful.

  56. I love seeing my kids, from my 5 kids let their imaginations grow and have fun. Houses, tanks, castles I save them all.

  57. I love that my 5 year old son has his Dad’s families artistic flare. Love how impressed he is with his own creations.

  58. I love the peace and quiet, when he’s concentrating on art is one of the rare times he’s still 😉

  59. I love how their creations evolve over time. From unrecognisable scribble to stick figures to scenes of bursting with activity.

  60. I enjoy their concentration as they draw and play
    little tongues sticking out when things dont obey 🙂
    Smiles when they run , to show masterpieces drawn
    how proud I feel after a busy day when they give a little yawn!!

    1. I just realised its 25 words or less , so sorry, I have shortened it 😛

      Their concentration as they draw and play
      tongues sticking out when things dont obey 🙂
      Smiles , running , showing masterpieces drawn
      so proud, they give a yawn 🙂

  61. I love seeing how my kids’ minds work. I love it that I never know what will come out in their art work or other creative projects.

  62. I love that it inspires ME! I’ve gotten more creative with craft and in the kitchen thanks to my little ones. Its fun and will keep us all young!

  63. Their latest creativity has been with Lego and I love seeing what they are coming up with.

  64. Creating is their imagination’s internet. It allows them to visit places and do things that the internet and computers can’t match. It gives peace.

  65. Being able to witness the kids creations advance from a blob at an early age, to actual complication things.

  66. I love watching my daughter do arts & crafts she is getting really good at drawing now & colouring between the lines,proud mum here!

  67. That drawing let’s out all sorts of creativity that brings absolute joy to the one drawing and even greater joy to me for which I can proudly display on the fridge

  68. I enjoy the fun my daughter has and the sense of achievement on her face when she looks up and smiles is priceless!!

  69. I love watching her creativity grow with everything new she creates. She is so proud of her ‘work’, we display it all around the house!

  70. I love when she makes something out of nothing. I lack the creative skill so I am constantly amazed at her creativity.

  71. I love the delight in her eyes as she sees something come to life before her own eyes, I love watching her try to improve her drawings by adding things in like flowers or a sun

  72. I just love the expression on their faces of what awesome drawing they have done with the story behind it it’s just price less.

  73. How it boost’s his confidence,
    From all the praise I give,
    Then feeling proud he made it,
    As mummy’s puts it onto the fridge!!

  74. I love seeing my children create pictures and other things related to our family, and how we have fun together. It is great to see what they remember and what stands out to them as part of the family. what has made them happy and what will be a great memory for them.

  75. When asked who decorates our home. My kids! Our home looks so creative and full of life with their creations and artwork displayed all over.

  76. I love when they use their imagination to create new masterpieces not only on the paper. My 2year old doing dot on his nose with marker pen saying “tiger roar”

  77. Autistic my son may be,
    Comprehending his emotions through creativity epitomises glee!
    He’s unable to verbally translate,
    His artworks are worth their weight in GOLD!

  78. When they top pizzas or cakes,
    The imagination and colours awake!
    Never the same toppings each time,
    They play together just fine!

  79. The inquisitiveness and joy they show! Takes me back to when things were easier and more imaginative!

  80. I love seeing all my daughters creative pictures she makes, and how much she’s growing into a little artist.


  82. I love listening to them explain what they are creating and then if they love it enough, it goes on the bedroom cupboard which displays all their masterpieces!

  83. When my three little boys create a picture they automatically run to the fridge and stick it on. When I ask what it is they tell me I have to guess. Well, they are not too happy when I have ran out of guesses and they end up telling me it is me!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  84. When they decide to craft in the real world rather than create in the minecraft world, I cherish sharing their imagination I can hold onto to.

  85. I love watching her when she is concentrating on her art work, and watching how proud she is when she sees her picture on the fridge at Grandmas.

  86. i love seeing how each child expresses themselves differently (our younger 3 are into drawing/craft) They all have their own unique way and its fun watching them interact whilst doing it

  87. I’m a mother of one awesome child…every day we like to explore our minds in arts and crafts! I love seeing what my girl can do with her little hands and her bright mind!

  88. It is something that we can do together without much expense and when the weather is inclement.

  89. My 4 yr old loves art in any form. PlayDoh, painting, coloring..creating things. What I enjoy is listening to him as he’s creating. He likes to explain as he goes, even if I’m not listening or in and out of the room he’s explaining whatever he’s doing step by step & he always seems to surprise me by what he says <3

  90. I have twin Great Granddaughters, who every time they come to see me , bring me beautiful paintings and drawings that they have designed for my home. “Lucky me”

  91. Love the Psychedelic colour combinations and random patterns. They’re imaginations is amazing.

  92. You can see so much about their development through their creations. I love their explanations about what they’ve created.

  93. I love watching my girls imagine and create; through this simple playful act they are also learning and exploring complex literacy, numeracy and science skills!

  94. My two girls can fight like cats and dogs, but when they get into a creative mood, something magical happens. They put aside their sisterly differences and imagine and plan and laugh together. We have a busy box full of clean recyclables which they use to create things, usually from books they’ve read. My favourites are their egg carton “troll” and their bubble wrap “flappy bird” 🙂

  95. According to Willy Wonka ….there is no place I know that compares to pure imagination!!
    IMAGINATION is an incredible thing and seeing my kids exploring different art mediums, their thoughts becoming physical expressions through their creations and just having good old fashioned fun is wonderful to watch 🙂

  96. Bering able to use the awesome colours with them whilst pretending it’s really or the kids and not my own pleasure 😉

  97. Use of imagination ,Their concentration and how they give their 100% to every single piece of drawing..

  98. The giggles and fun of listening to my son explain every line hes drawn and then … ‘TAH DAH’ …. when hes finished, its nothing like what hes just detailed :/ actually … wow buddy – is that a uhhh a triangle ? …. NO MUM!! Hes a football player and hes kicking a goal! … Ohhh wow yep I see it now! Thats an awesome drawing WELL DONE ! As he continues on all chuffed with himself and super proud as he hands it to me he will say everytime ‘dats for you mum- I made dat for you !’ While in total captivation of this incredible little man im slightly sidetracked left giggling and holding a piece of paper that is nothing but a pure work of art proudly created as a gesture of love from him to me. But eventhough it most probably in no way resembles either descriptions which only moments before he had declared them to be…. Its mine!! A snapshot of a memory we created that he relived to share on paper made just for his mum! Priceless!! And I have always keep every single possible scribble he has mades have from the moment he was first able to hold a crayon or pencil or texta – and I will continue to stash them until I can not stash anymore ! Each and everone one completely different to one another…. begging to look like a story book with some really cool constantly changing story lines lol! I love it!

  99. I enjoy seeing what “statues” my girls make out of playdoh. The snail and dolphin are still exhibiting on the mantel and have really hardened into statues. It means so much for their little creatures to not be boxes back up. So we show them and just buy another jar or two if playdoh. 🙂

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