Homemade Stamp Pads for kids
November 28, 2020

Homemade Stamp Pads for kids

Homemade Stamp Pads

Ink stamp pads can be expensive and the ink in them stains little fingers for quite some time! I thought I would try my hand at some homemade stamp pads! They were a hit and we found we could use them over and over!

Check out our video below on how to make your own stamps and stamp pads below!

To make your own you will need:

Homemade Stamp Pads


Plastic containers (I bought a set of 5 for $2 at the supermarket – you could also recycle takeaway containers too)



Pen (not pictured)

Homemade Stamp Pads

1. Take your container and place it on top of your sponge. Trace around the base of the container with the pen.

Homemade Stamp Pads

2. Cut around the shape with scissors.

Homemade Stamp PadsHomemade Stamp Pads

3. Place your sponges into their containers.

Homemade Stamp Pads

4. Cover each sponge liberally with the paint and stamp away! (make sure you add plenty of paint so the stamp pads do not dry out).

Homemade Stamp Pads Homemade Stamp Pads Homemade Stamp Pads Homemade Stamp Pads

We made these Bottle Top Stamps that you might like to try too!

Place your stamp pad lids on when finished to use over and over!
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14 thoughts on “Homemade Stamp Pads for kids

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  2. Hi thanks for the idea. I just woke up this morning thinking of checking your website for ideas for stamp pads 🙂 just one doubt. What paints should I use??

    1. Thanks Jess! It will keep for a week for quite a while. If you are worried, you can place it in the fridge : ) Jenni x

  3. Im having trouble finding sponges that are thin without the scrubby stuff. How thick were the sponges you used and where did you buy them?

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