DIY Water Colours using only 2 ingredients
October 26, 2020

DIY Water Colours using only 2 ingredients

DIY Water Colours using only 2 ingredients

I have been wanting to try this for ages! We’ve just finished playing with the Crayola Marker Maker & I had plenty of the Marker’s left over. I also had a bunch of felt pens to use up too! I first saw this idea over at Happy Hooligans and thought it was such a simple and fun idea for my kiddies to try!

Ok, drumroll please…the two ingredients are:

Markers/Felt Pens and


That is all you need! Great right!

Homemade Water Colours

We used baby jars to make up our concoctions, but you could use jelly cups, yoghurt tubs or other cups (that you’re happy to dispose of in case of staining)

DIY Water Colours in jars

So it’s just a matter of filling up your jars/containers about half full of water, then take the lid off your pens and place them nib side down in the jar.

We used quite a few different shades of each colour – that gave us the opportunity to make our own unique colours!

DIY Water Colours

Allow the ink to seep out of the markers until you are happy with the vibrancy of colour – we only left ours over night!

Make your own Water Colours with only two ingredients

I then (carefully) transferred the colours into an ice cube tray then gave the kids some brushes and let them go for it!

*This can be a bit of a messy activity so make sure the kids are in old clothes & you have a plastic table cloth under your workspace.

Water Colour Painting on Paper Towels

This works great on paper, cardboard and even Paper Towels! We dripped the paint onto the towels to make these fantastic patterns.

We had a blast with this activity and we hope you do too!

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