20+ Lunchbox Ideas for kids who don't like Sandwiches
November 27, 2020

20+ Lunchbox Ideas for kids who don’t like Sandwiches

Nudie Collage

This post is sponsored by Nudie Juice.

20+ Lunchbox Ideas for kids who don’t like Sandwiches – there are always some kiddies who don’t like the ‘standard sandwich’, here are some great ideas to help combat that!

Leftover Roast Vegetables
Savoury scrolls
Pasta Salad
Potato Salad
Pita Bread
You only have your imagination!
Heathly Living Pyramid
As we all know (thanks to the advice of our governments, nutritionists & health experts). We are to eat less fats, sugars & salt. We are to eat lean meats, eggs & dairy in moderation and we are to eat more fruit, vegetables, cereals & nuts.
Our best advice when it comes to a healthy lunch box is to make sure each child has a serve of fruit, vegetables, protein, dairy & carbohydrates.
We, as a family have always purchased nudie juice  (the kids drink it down and don’t even realise it’s fresh fruit and vegetables). So we were THRILLED to learn about the nudie range of kids fruit juices that can go straight into their lunchbox!
They can easily be found in the chilled section in Woolworths (next to the other juices, butter & cold drinks). They are 100% fruit juice AND can last all day in their lunchbox! Just because it can last in the lunchbox all day, it doesn’t mean they’ve added any nasties into it either!

In true nudie style, kids nudie:

  • Is nothing but 100% fruit juice (NOT from concentrate)
  • Has NO added sugar
  • Has NO added preservatives, flavours OR artificial colours
  • Contains 2 serves of fruit in every pack! 1 serve can count towards your childs RDI of of fruit according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines
  • 4 delicious flavours your kids can choose from which are: “Nothing but 2.6* Oranges, “Nothing but 2.5* apples”, “Nothing but tropical juice”, “Nothing but apple & blackcurrent juice” – *On average, give or take a few.
  • Can also last up to six months in your cupboard.

Head to the nudie website  for more information on their delicious products and find plenty of FUN things for the kids to do such as ‘Create your own nudie Character’, ‘How to grow your own fruit at home’, ‘Fruity Games’ and more! We love that they have provided FUN ways to educate kids on health! You can also check out their fun range via their online pamphlet here.

There is also some FUN Kids colouring in templates here.

My kids had a blast with these!



Our kids just love them and as parents, so do we! We know they are enjoying a ‘treat’ but they are also getting extra fruit and vegetables into their active bodies which makes every parent smile!


IMG_9467 IMG_9487

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72 thoughts on “20+ Lunchbox Ideas for kids who don’t like Sandwiches

  1. My daughter has a combination of fruit and veg at school along with sandwich alternatives like zucchini slice, corm and bacon muffins or zucchini pancakes.

  2. My daughter has a combination of fruit and veg at school along with sandwich alternatives like zucchini slice, corn and bacon muffins or zucchini pancakes.

  3. I have always tried to include a fruit, vegetable, possibly a small sweet treat and wrap or sandwich in every lunch box. It’s a rule I use to ensure that my little one receives a healthy and balanced lunchbox. Your collection of ideas is so helpful too.

    I think it’s really important to try and have some kind of realistic plan of what to have in lunch boxes. Planning about a week in advance is always helpful and reduces the time spend wondering what to give them and possibly grabbing less healthy snacks. These Nudie drinks are a fabulous way to give them the healthy benefits that is so important to growing bodies.

  4. Great ideas, my daughter is so fussy and gets bored with sandwiches every day. My tip is to mix it up a bit and serve the fruit differently by chopping it in different ways or adding a sprinkle of cinnamon, so it doesn’t look the same all the time.

  5. Make lunch the night before, try chicken, salad, mountain bread wraps, chicken homemade fingers with teddy pasta & snow peas, tuna pasta surprise, zucchini cupcakes.

  6. Oh my! My girls would love these! And I find preschool lunchboxes the hardest because Miss Daisy often leaves things that she’d normally eat at home! Go figure! But I KNOW that nudie juices would be drunk right up! Will have to check these out at our local!

    My top tip would be:
    hide a few and see a few… we hide veggies/fruit in muffins, smoothies, yogurt and mini pizzas but then we also put fruit or veggie sticks in too.

  7. I always aim to include one serving each of fruit, vegetable, dairy, protein and grain. So this might mean a kiwi fruit and a cheese and olive wholemeal sandwich. I wish my daughter’s school would allow nuts because they’re a great protein source but unfortunately we have to save the nuts for her after-school snack.

  8. My daughter is easy – and will drink a green smoothie – from a cup/jar or reusable pouch straight after a sandwich/other food. I have to be more creative with my sons, and a variety of fruit, homemade or healthy snacks plus. So my top tip now is:- add Nutra Organics Vital Veggie Powder to his sandwiches/snacks etc to ensure he is getting the extra nutrients.

  9. I think of it as colours. I try to put a good range of colours in their lunchboxes. that way they get a good range of different foods

  10. Love these ideas!!

    My tip for a basic lunch box is to follow this basic formula: I include two to three fruits/veggies, a bread item (if not a sandwich – a roll, wrap, pancakes, etc), and a “treat” (baked item, pretzels, etc) which is what they eat for afternoon tea. It’s a bit hard that we can’t send nuts – but I understand the reasoning – so we often have nut butters as an after school snack.

    Thanks for the great post and opportunity! My kiddos would love this prize 🙂

  11. My youngest has two pieces of fruit and either a ham and/or salad sandwich or cucumber sandwich which he loves along with a mini salad with lettuce, 3color mix of capsicum and cucumbers along with a sweet snack of a biscuit or choc/ banana cake/muffin

  12. I have 2 primary school boys, who just want to eat and play, so I only ever put three things in there lunch box, a piece of fruit for fruit break, crackers or a muffin for recess and a salad roll for lunch, this way they eat it all and arn’t bombarded with a buffet in there lunch bag.

  13. A healthy lunchbox packed each day,
    Helps to keep the doctor away,
    Two pieces of fruit for an energy hit,
    A homemade muffin (just a bit!),
    Sandwich on wholemeal with healthy grains,
    Nourishes those growing brains,
    Yoghurt for dairy, rice crackers with cheese,
    You’ve made a healthy lunch a breeze!

  14. My little boy and I shop, cook and pack his lunch together. This way he understands the sometimes food and what is really good for you. Plus he feels empowered to have made a good choice.

  15. When packing my daughter’s lunchbox, I look at the whole day’s food (not just lunch) to make it a balanced day of eating overall.

  16. My son its a very good eater so his lunch box always has fresh fruit and a sandwich in it as well as a healthy popper but would love to have these poppers to try something different

  17. My son will eat anything, so Im lucky a salad wrap, yohurt, mueslie bar, crackers and cheese and fruit are his daily lunch box. My daughter is quite fussy, and doesnt like sandwiches at all, the only blessing her school does hot food lunches daily, so she can heat it up, so she takes left over lasagna, shepherds pie, chicken, or even steamed vegies along with her snacks and fruit. So shes actually eating her lunch which makes me happy.

  18. My son will eat anything, so Im lucky a salad wrap, yohurt, mueslie bar, crackers and cheese and fruit are his daily lunch box. My daughter is quite fussy, and doesnt like sandwiches at all, the only blessing her school does hot food lunches daily, so she can heat it up, so she takes left over lasagna, shepherds pie, chicken, or even steamed vegies along with her snacks and fruit. So shes actually eating her lunch which makes me happy.

  19. We play ‘pick-a-box’ I have 4 containers. They can select one thing out of each daily. One is fruit, One is yoghurt or cheese cubes or custard, One is snacks e.g nuts, home made muesli or slice, air popped popcorn etc, And one is mixed drinks such as lemon/orange/berry infused water, juice and for a treat sometimes natural cordial. The kids love the independance of picking their own lunches and I know its all healthy and varied. Its fantastic and no complaints or food home as they chose it!

  20. I make savoury muffins, sweet muffins and Scotch eggs are a real favourite. Muffins are great because they can contain apples, cinnamon and walnuts. All these are full of really good nutrition.

  21. Eating and drinking healthy food
    Is important for my growing brood!
    Knowing they’re consuming the healthiest they can
    Is certainly part of this mum’s plan!

  22. I make sure my kids have a selection of different foods, from yoghurt to cheese sticks, sultanas and cut up pieces of fruit, something different every day.

  23. I use a “special” sandwich box but most times half gets returned! This list is awesome for more ideas for lunch for my little soldiers! I was starting to hit a wall, now I see a light! 😀 Thank you!

  24. I find allowing our children to choose between healthy options to pack for lunch great as they feel it’s their choice and in turn are happier to eat what’s in their lunchbox.

  25. My number one,
    Healthy Lunch Tip?
    Deliciously fun…
    Means lunches eaten quick!

    Carrot stick “men”.
    Strawberry “snails”.
    Nutritiously creative food,
    Never ever fails!

  26. My kids (Miss 12, Miss 10 and Master 5) all make their own lunches which allows them to make healthy choices from what’s available in our fridge and pantry. They are unable to make unhealthy choices if there are only healthy foods to choose from. We also have a baking day and grow some of our own vegetables which helps, especially baby carrots which seem to be the preppies food of choice for ‘brain break’ at school this year.

  27. I’ll mix it up with plenty of colour and different shapes.I’ll offer a variety of flavours,Easy and quick to eat as most kids want to play.Smaller portions ,easy to hold.Less packaging the better,Use fresh ingredients covering all the 4 food groups.I’ll get the kids involved in packing their lunch.I’ll include a treat they love.This way they will eat drink and be happy.

  28. As a dad I want to provide my little girls with healthy options, building up their self-esteem and confidence. I use wraps normally as a basis as they are great to use and taste yummy, where bread goes soggy when you use tomato or cucumber. I also like to give them homemade muffins, with fruit and walnuts.

  29. Learn to bake,
    Buying snacks is a mistake.
    Loaded with sugar and salt too,
    At least, you know it’s made by you.

  30. I let my kids choose and make their own lunches but within reason and they are always allowed a treat. They also get involved in making baked goods for their lunch box snacks too so they see what goes into them

  31. By providing healthy lunchbox options and letting him choose what goes in each day I know that he is getting a nutritious lunch that he WILL eat! 😀

  32. Bake veggies and protien into quiches or zuccini slice (hidden veg) and a small blend of mashes berries on yogurt for their fruit needs. Even i go yummm…at their lunches.


  34. I always try and pack a rainbow (also in my Fridge-to-go Medium Lunch bag!) – using as many different colours for fruit and veggies is so good for them and makes it more fun to eat!

  35. I like to give them veggies chopped up as well as fruit but I’ll also give them something sweet for their energy too

  36. I get my children to help make their linch in the mornings, so I know that there are things going in there that we both like

  37. I love the “bento” style lunch with lots of little bits of fresh fruit, veg, cold meats, sushi, pasta etc. Interesting & yummy!

  38. Lunches don’t vary from meat, salad, home-made muffin and fruit. Each week, though, we have a theme: animals, colours, numbers. It’s fun.

  39. My granddaughter has allergies, but usually a bottle of water or juice, yogurt of her choice, a banana & a mix of celery &carrot sticks, a sandwich or rice cakes & cheese cut into fingers. She picks out what she wants for her lunch & usually demolishes whatever’s left on the way home

  40. Make it interesting, make it fun,
    And the hard work, it is done.
    Lots of variety, lots of taste,
    Lots more eating, no more waste!

  41. Let them help make their lunch,
    so they’re proud of their food.
    They’ll eat it all up,
    and it teaches them too!

  42. Variety, Balance And Color , And A Little Treat , I Always Make Lunch Menues To Give The Best To Mi Kids Balancing Between All The Daily Intake Requierements , With His favorites Meals, And A Little Sweet Or Chilli Treat , For Example Our Mexican background Mix Veggies With Fruit And Lime And Chilli So I Prepare A Ham And Chesse Sandwich , With Some Mangoes a , caftots and cucumbers With lime And Chilli , Some Crackers And Frozen Yoghurt , And Some en nutes With Sultanas Or cranberries

  43. My golden rule is never buying anything that comes in a packet, this way I know everything is fresh and healthy and made with love!

  44. Give them different things in the lunchbox everyday -balance a little bit of junk with lots of healthy goodies by making everything fun.

  45. We give them choices, they must choose something from each group in the piramid. There is no limit on how much they want from the fruits or veggies.
    Alway pack water, they need to drink it all before having their juice or treat. (They don’t be need to be told because that has always been our practice.)
    Pack stuff they love!

  46. Colour and variety is key. Let them pick from a selection of healthy lunchbox/school friendly options and remake some treats with healthier ingredients. Guaranteed empty lunchbox at the end of the day!

  47. For a balanced lunch, she always has water to drink. She has at least one veggie, one fruit, and one grain. There is always dairy as well. All organic. This keeps it very balanced. A typical lunch- cherry tomatoes, carrots, and mini blocks of cheddar and jack cheese. In addition, a pumpkin muffin or granola bar and a yogurt.

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