Ice, Water and Oil Experiment - FUN Science for Kids!
September 3, 2020

Ice, Oil and Water Experiment

Kids Science Experiment - Ice, Water and Oil

My kids are so interested and amazed with Science, they love learning first hand how things in their environment interact. I also remember loving Science as a child, I vividly remember doing this Ice, Oil and Water Experiment in Science class in grade 7.

Here’s what we used for our home experiment –

  • A large glass Vase (you could do a smaller sized regular drinking glass)
  • Baby Oil – enough to fill your vase 3/4 full
  • Frozen Ice cubes filled with water and food colouring
  • tongs
  • empty syringes or dopplers

Kids Science Experiments with Oil

Directions –

Carefully fill your glass vase, have your child hold the ice using the tongs in the oil mixture, then patiently wait and watch…you will slowly start to see a coloured drop of melted water start to bead off the ice and gracefully sink to the bottom.

Kids Science Experiments - Ice, water and oil!

My 5 year old daughter found it hard to keep the slippery ice in the tongs so I grabbed some old medicine syringes, we filled these with coloured water, the kids had a great time squirting the water into the oil.

Kids Science Experiments with Ice and Oil

We made a point to write down our observations – What did we see? What happened when the water sat at the bottom of the oil? Why do you think the water made beads and bubbles as it sank to the bottom?

We learned that water and oil do not mix, that oil is less dense than water and therefore it separates with the water remaining in the bottom of the vase. The kids also enjoyed watching the movement of the Oil and Ice once it fully settled to the bottom – my daughter said it reminded her of the ocean and the waves.

We hope you enjoyed the look of this FUN Experiment and choose to try it out at home with your own children.

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