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November 28, 2020

Tea Light Snowman Ornament!

Tea Light Snowman Ornament

When I saw some ideas like this bouncing around Pinterest I just had to give it a try. I’m pretty sure they are the cutest Christmas Ornaments I’ve ever seen! They cost about $3 to make too!

You will need:

Tea Light Snowman Ornament

*A battery operated tea light candle (you can get these at most $2 stores – $1.99 for a pack of 2)

Red ribbon

Black felt

Sharpie pens – black & pink/red

Glue gun



Tea Light Snowman Ornament

The first step is to make his cute lil hat!

Step 1

Start by tracing around the tea light to get the right shaped circle

Step 2

Cut a 3cm x 6cm (approx) rectangle shape

Step 3

Cut the two shapes out

Step 4

Shape the rectangle shape into a cylinder shape & glue along the seam

Step 5

Trace the bottom of the cylinder to create another circle & cut it out

Glue the small circle atop the cylinder & glue that to the larger circle and voila, you have your very own DIY Snowman hat! EASY!

Tea Light Snowman Ornament

Cute right! You will notice that I also added a small amount of ribbon to ‘trim’ the hat. Just use a small amount of glue to hold this down : )

Tea Light Snowman Ornament

Next we move on to the ribbon on the tea light candle : )

Step 1 

Cut a length of the ribbon that will be long enough (based on the size of the bow you would like). Glue the top and the sides of the ribbon to the  candle.

Step 2

Tie the ribbon in a bow

Step 3

Cut another length of ribbon and fold it over to work out the size of the ‘hanger’ you require, then glue gun this to the back of the tea light.

Then simply draw on his face with the sharpies. I dotted on some pink cheeks & smudged them a little, then drew on the eyes & mouth.

Now flick the switch and behold the oohs & aahs ; )

Tea Light Snowman Ornament

Tea Light Snowman Ornament

*please note some LED Candles contain lithium batteries which can be very harmful to children if swallowed, please ensure you use the glue gun to secure the opening.

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12 thoughts on “Tea Light Snowman Ornament!

  1. I love this idea and made twelve for each member of my family for the Christmas table. I did make a couple of small changes with the brim of the hat green and a red top and also I left the top open, one less circle to cut out! I then glued the ribbon around the candle from the bottom and then around and glued it at the top and then thread it through the hat to make the loop. Thanks for the idea, I love your page!

  2. I had my granddaughters over for a tea party and we made these adorable tea light snowmen for them to use at their place setting then take home for their tree. They loved it!Thanks.

  3. I’m always looking for a small gift ornament that I can make. I hang them on a tree, I make at least 2doz, and let my guests pick a gift from my tree. These will work very well, cute idea!

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