November 17, 2023

Adorable ‘Snowman’ & ‘Penguin’ Thumbprint Baubles!

Snowman & Penguin Thumbprint Baubles

I found this absolutely adorable idea over at ‘Meet the Dubiens’ (a very gorgeous blog).

It would be an understatement to say that I am obsessed with DIY children’s Christmas Baubles! I love opening my decorations each year and oohing and ahhing over their tiny hand/thumb/finger prints! It is just so special! I hope to pass these ornaments down to them when they have children : ) We have all the links to our other gorgeous Christmas Ornaments at the bottom of this post : )

To make your own you will need:

Snowman & Penguin Thumbprint Baubles

Glass or Plastic ornaments (we got ours from Spotlight but I have also seen them at a few $2 shops)

White paint (we used acrylic)

Paint brush

Sharpies/permanent pens

An adorable thumb

Let’s start on the ‘Snowman’.

Snowman & Penguin Thumbprint Ornaments

Step 1

Paint your child’s thumb with the paintbrush (I find this method much easier and more importantly less messy!). Let the print dry completely.

Step 2

Make two thumbprints one above the other (I re-painted the thumb in between prints).

Step 3

Using your black Sharpie, draw on the Snowman’s hat, mouth & eyes.

Step 4

Using an orange Sharpie, draw on the snowman’s adorable carrot nose.

Step 5

Draw on the Snowman’s scarf & little buttons!

Now for the ‘Penguin’.

Snowman & Penguin Thumbprint Ornaments 2

 Step 1 

Again, paint the adorable thumb & allow the print dry completely.

Step 2

Using your black sharpie, draw on the penguins ‘hair.

Step 3

Draw on the wing markings to the penguins chest.

Step 4

Dot on the eyes and draw on his cute little wings.

Step 5

Using an orange sharpie, draw on the beak and happy feet ; )

They are just so cute!

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