November 30, 2022

Kitchen Utensil Art!

Kitchen Utensil Art

This is such a fun way to get creative in the kitchen….with paint! There are so many things in your kitchen that you already have that you can use to amuse the kiddos and bring out their inner Artist!

Kitchen Utensil Art

You will need


Paint container & sponge or stamp pad

Potato masher

Pastry brush

White paper

We used our ‘Homemade Stamp Pad’ which is so simple to make – just add a sponge to a container & cover with paint! Voila!

The kiddies then stamped their utensils onto the sponge and went crazy stamping the paper. My 5yo had a ball with this and I think he did a pretty good job  : )

Kitchen Utensil Art

We’ve also painted with a rolling pin before too! You can check that out here.
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