November 17, 2023

Jelly Ice Paint…awesome sensory play activity

Jelly Ice Sensory Play

My kids ADORE this activity…of course they do, there’s a fun activity with a hint of sugar…can’t go wrong there!

This is so simple to make!

Jelly Ice Paints

Step 1

Simply make up jelly solutions according to packages (we always do lots of different colours)

Step 2

Pour the solutions into containers (we always keep our yoghurt containers for these types of activities).

Step 3

Stick in a paddle pop stick into the middle and place in the freezer overnight!

Step 4

When they are frozen, pop them out of their containers and take them outside for some fun play! We used a large white sheet of paper for them to ‘paint on’.

Fun Jelly Ice Paint

Jelly Ice Paint Fun

Your kids will love this activity! You can make it over and over again!

Jen x

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