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November 27, 2020

Adorable Kid Made Personalised Pillowcases

Adorable Kid Made Personalised Pillowcases

I love anything that is personalised by the kids. I love keepsakes and anything that puts cute little touches around my house!

This cute idea is no different. This is perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday’s, Christmas or as a project do to at kindy or school.

To make your own you will need:

Plain white pillowcases

Fabric Marker (we used plain black)



Kid made personalised pillowcases

Step 1

Get your child to write their message onto the pillowcase using a pencil – I drew a straight line to give my son a guide line

Adorable personalised Pillow Cases

Step 2

Trace over the handwriting using the Fabric Marker

Step 3 

Read the instructions for your Fabric marker and follow. We sealed our writing using an iron, then left it for 48 hours then placed it in the washing machine to remove the pencil markings.

Step 4

Iron again to remove any wrinkles during the washing process and put onto pillows!

I Love Mummy Personalised Pillowcase I Love Daddy Personalised Pillowcases

Don’t they look adorable! Let us know what you think by commenting below ūüôā

Jen x

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