November 17, 2023

Masking Tape Canvas

Masking Tape Canvas

My little 2yo LOVED this! She couldn’t believe her eyes when the masking tape was peeled away, she was quite proud of what she had produced for Daddy! You can make any number of patterns & designs with the masking tape and of course, change the wording to anything you like!

It’s super easy to do too!

Masking Tape Canvas

You will need:

A canvas

Masking tape


Paint brushes


photo 3

First you will need to add your wording or pattern to your canvas using the masking tape – carefully cut the ends of the tape with the scissors to make sure you have nice straight edges.

Masking Tape Canvas

Then you just let the kiddies go crazy with the paint making sure they cover all of the edges of the masking tape.

Masking Tape Canvas Masking Tape Canvas

Miss A liked to turn the paint tube upside down and squeeze it onto the canvas…who am I to question her artistic compulsion ; )

Masking Tape Canvas

We also added some glitter paint too…always room for a bit of bling am I right!

Masking Tape Canvas

You know she means business when her ‘concentration tongue’ is out!

Once all of the painting fun is over, you will need to let it dry…our paint was quite thick so we let ours dry for 24 hours. When it’s completely dry, carefully peel away the masking tape to reveal the masterpiece!

Masking Tape Canvas Masking Tape Canvas

Daddy is going to be so surprised! A little masterpiece created by his little 2yo princess!

Jen x

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  1. i love all your ideas there great for babysitting kids love them and it makes breaking the ice so much easier thanks guys

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