November 30, 2022

Salt Paintings

Salt Painting

Salt Paintings

This was a very fun and simple project that we did at home yesterday.

What you’ll need

  • Stencils (Optional)
  • PVA glue
  • Salt
  • Food Couloring & Water
  • Paintbrushes  (a doppler would be cool too).

Miss M loves using her stencils at home – I thought this would be an easy way for her to make a nice picture using the ‘Salt Painting’ method. She also did some free hand scribbles and other patterns too.

We used the glue to fill the space within the stencils, sprinkled them with salt and allowed them to dry (I don’t think it’s necessary to leave them to dry but we had to get to swimming lessons).

Salt Painting

 I mixed some food colouring and water together to make the ‘water paints’. It was then simply a matter of dropping some paint from the brush (or a doppler) at one end of the salt and watching it ‘magically’ spread across the page.

“Wow Mum, my paint is moving on the paper!…it’s like magic!!”.- Miss M

Salt Painting

Salt Painting

The paintings have an awesome ‘crystal’ effect to them too which we loved looking at in the sun.

Salt Painting

Salt Painting

This would be a great craft activity for a Kids Party or Playgroup craft activity – you could prepare them ahead of time with the Glue & Salt & just let the kids paint them as a ‘Make & Take’ gift.

I found the inspiration for this at ‘One Perfect Day’ They have a great blog with loads of cool ideas to share! Check them out at ‘One Perfect Day Blog’.

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11 thoughts on “Salt Paintings

  1. This looks just perfect for a Frozen themed party… think I’ll make snowflakes ahead of time, and the kids can watch their paint magically spread, just like Elsa’s does! Thank you!

    1. Kerry, that is the BEST idea!! I might have to do that with my daughter too ;). Thank you! Louise x

  2. Yes, let it dry first. I just tried this with my granddaughters and when the salt it still wet from the glue the paint was being picked up by the brush when the girls tried to paint the salt. Next time I think I will use an eye dropper.

  3. I agree! Use an eye dropper. Also it was not spreading very far for us so we left them to dry for a few minutes now they are doing better. Going to let the last two dry some more see if they do even better. My daughter is loving it so far spite the trail and error. She enjoyed making the water colors and she used cookie cutters as stencils.

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