Aromatherapy Water Colour Paints
October 30, 2020

Aromatherapy Water Colour Paints

Aromatherapy Water Colour Paints

We recently had the pleasure of meeting with the beautiful musician Ben Lee.

Here’s us!


Thanks to social media we got to know each other and finally met before his recent gig on the Sunshine Coast. He spoke about one of his many business ventures doTERRA Essential Oils. We were so interested to hear about this organisation as, not only do they have the best essential oils on the market, but they give back to the needy!

We were instantly attracted to Ben’s passion for philanthropy, tried the Oils & we were hooked! You can use them for cleaning, cooking, enhancing the health of your family AND (as we were chuffed to discover) they make great additions to play recipes! These Aromatherapy Water Colour Paints are more than just fun to play with. They will actually help in your child’s well being! We used Peppermint, Lavender, Frankincense, Oregano & Lemon. I’ve listed how they help below.

Peppermint – Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing. It also alleviates upset tummies

Lavender – Calms & relaxes. Great for irritated skin. Helps skin recover quickly

Frankincense – Helps build & sustain a healthy immune system. Promotes cellular health. Reduces the appearance of scars.

Oregano – Supports healthy digestion and respiratory function. Is a powerful antioxidant

Lemon – Cleanses the air and uplifts your mood

We used a different scent for each colour. The smell of them all together is amazing!

Ok, so to make your own you will need:

diy watercolours - what you will need

Felt pens/markers


Food colouring

Essential Oils

Small jars (one per colour you are making)

essential oil water colours

Step 1

Fill some little jars up with about 1cm of water

Step 2

Take the lids of your felt pens & place them upside in the jars so the ink can escape

Step 3

Let them soak until you are happy with the colour (I left mine over night)

Step 4

Remove the felt pens

Step 5

Add a few drops of the essential oils into each jar

Step 6

(optional) transfer your new water colour paints into a container and let the kids enjoy making sweet smelling relaxing art work!

DIY water-colour-paints

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If you are interested in doTERRA products and want to know more about the health benefits for your family – aswell as finding out how to make extra income, click here!

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