November 17, 2023

Easy DIY Despicable Me ‘Minion’ Costume


We took our kiddies to the premiere of Despicable Me 2 today! It was so exciting! Master 4yo has watched the first one about 20 times & he loves it (& does Daddy & Mummy ; ) So we were really looking forward to the second instalment & let me say, we were not let down at all! It was hilarious! I laughed out loud a few times…much to my family’s embarrassment…let’s just say when I LOL,…I REALLY LOL!!  The movie was screened in 3D too, which added another element of excitement….Miss 2yo loved the ‘accessorising’ part of the glasses lol!

So I had to dress Master L up! We went with the ‘Minion’ look of course!

If you want to make your own you will need:

A yellow hoodie (a yellow beanie & yellow long sleeved shirt would work too)

Some denim overalls (we bought ours from St Vinnies for $3.50)

Black boots (we got our ‘ugg boots’ from the local $2 shop for $6.99)

Black gloves ($1.99)

Goggles (I bought $2 ‘Nerd Glasses’ took off the arms & added black elastic for the true ‘Minion’ look)

Black wool

Yellow face paint

Glue gun


This costume was very inexpensive & very easy to make…all up, I spent under $30!

The rest of the costume is self explanatory, but the hair was made using small pieces of the black wool, glue gunned to the hood of the jumper : )

We won best dressed too! We got up in front of the packed out movie theatre & received 4 prizes from our local radio station! Master L is a little shy but when everyone was clapping & cheering for him, he looked up at me with such a beaming smile, it made my whole entire week!

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