November 30, 2022

DIY Tulle Headband

DIY Tulle Headpiece

I’ve been having a bit of fun this week with tulle & all things girly with my (very girly) 2 year old.

She desperately needed a headpiece to match her brand new ‘No Sew Tutu‘ that we made this week!
DIY Tulle Headpiece
So I raided Miss A’s hair accessories box & found a very lonely pink headband with no decoration at all…and that certainly won’t do ; ). (FYI if you don’t have a pink, plain headband, just use a length of  tulle to wrap around the headband – you can tie it off at each ends or use a glue gun to secure).
I then got to work & used some of my left over tulle (which by the way we buy from Hong Kong on Ebay so it makes it very affordable!).
DIY Tulle Headpiece DIY Tulle Headpiece
I cut the tulle into strips of about 3cm wide & 15 cms long….I used approximately 40 strips, then just tie them on one at a time like so (make sure you do a double knot to get more ‘play time’ out of it).
DIY Tulle Headpiece
When you have finished this process, you will have something like this…..
photo-92 copy 2
If you prefer the ‘refined’ look (like I do), then make sure to give your Headpiece a nice ‘hair cut’ : )
DIY Tulle Headpiece
DIY Tulle Headpiece DIY Tulle Headpiece DIY Tulle Headpiece DIY Tulle Headpiece
I may be bias, but she is the most beautiful princess of all!
As you can see, this ‘Tulle Headpiece’ is so very easy to do and looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to make many more in different colours now too! These will make great little birthday or party gift for kindy/school friends.
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3 thoughts on “DIY Tulle Headband

  1. GORGEOUS! Not biased at all 🙂 Love this idea (especially because no sewing is involved).

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