November 17, 2023

Playdough Construction Site

So much fun!
So much fun!

We love to play with playdough in our house – I’m always looking for new ways to make it more exciting and enjoyable for my nearly 5 year old Miss M.
I picked up this cool set of construction workers and vehicals from Kmart for $6! I can see we’ll definitely get our moneys worth from them! This would also make a great activity at a Construction Themed Kids Party.

There is something very theraputic about playing with playdough – especially if its homemade and still nice & warm. I have been known to throw it in the microwave to warm it slightly before play on a cold day (make sure you kneed it well afterwards to make sure there are no ‘hot spots’).

Here is our failsafe playdough recipe –

1 cup Salt

2 cups Flour

4 teaspoons Cream of Tartar

2 tablespoons Oil

2 Cups Water

A few drops of the food colouring of your choice.

I add everything into a medium saucepan and continually mix over a medium to hot heat (it won’t take long so don’t walk away!). It will thicken and start to look like a thick mash potato mixture, remove it from the heat and dump it onto some baking paper to cool.

You can see some step by step photos of me making a different batch, and also another cool play idea via this link –

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9 thoughts on “Playdough Construction Site

  1. this web page helps me to keep my day care children entertained and with all of us having a great time thanks sooooo much for sharing love it!!!

  2. This is the BEST recipe! Made it for my kids over the weekend because everyone was sick and they played with this play dough for hours. Thank you for sharing!

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