November 17, 2023

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box Gift – Jenni

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box Gift

I wanted to make some Valentine’s Day Gifts for some friends and the Grandparents, but of course I wanted to get the kids involved, so I came up with this little idea. It combines a few elements: painting with stamps (made from Potatoes), Chocolate Making & Chocolate Box decorating. (The ‘decorating’ part will vary depending on what materials you have, I used Lace, Felt, Bling, Feathers, Paper Doilies, Ribbon, Heart Stickers and some Headband Embellishments that I made a while back during my ‘Headband Making Phase’).

The materials you will need

You can use whatever you like, but I find the red, white & pink colours work best for Valentine’s Day!)

Ok materials:

Noodle Boxes (sold at most Craft & $2 stores)

Melting Chocolate

Chocolate Moulds

Pretzels (optional)

Cupcake Papers

Mini Cupcake Papers

Cellophane or Plastic Bags

Red Paint

White paper

Craft Glue

Potato (raw)

Potato Stamping

Halve the Potato and with a sharing paring Knife, very carefully, cut a heart shape into the flesh of the Potato. Once you’ve done this, make an incision around the Potato (about 5mm) and cut until you reach the Heart shape, then take off the left over Potato around the Heart to form the raised shape!

This part is definitely NOT for the kiddies to do!

I then set the kids up with a large sheet of white paper each, a bowl of paint (non toxic) and let them go for it!


Whilst these ‘dazzling pieces of art’ were drying, we make the


I have previously done Chocolate Moulds before for Christmas and I have all the info here

Dip half the Pretzels in Chocolate & drizzle with more Chocolate goodness!
Drizzle your pink hearts in delicious dark chocolate for a pretty effect!

I used Heart shaped Chocolate Moulds and also dipped some Pretzels in the Chocolate and they turned out really cute! I also got my ‘drizzle’ on & put some of the dark melted Chocolate over the top of the pink hearts.

‘Paint’ the mini cupcake wrappers with melted chocolate to form a chocolatey cup!

Another little tip, you can put a little Chocolate into a small Cupcake Case, then paint the sides with the Chocolate to form a Chocolate Cup, you can fill this with Banana, Caramel, more Chocolate (which is what I did) or anything that takes your fancy!

I added some little lolly Heart Sprinkles…there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ right!
Mmmm Chocolate!
Mmmm Chocolate!

Now to wrap our tasty delights! I used some Plastic Party Bags & cut them up to wrap some of the Chocolates, then finished off by tying each end with a red Ribbon. Some look cute displayed in pink cupcake wrappers and others I wrapped in red Cellophane. I think some different coloured foil would look good too, but I wasn’t able to get my hands on any.

Now to

Decorate the Boxes!

I cut the beautiful heart stamped paper into strips and glued this to the boxes for the base, then EMBELLISHED! You can see from the pictures how unique you can make each box!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Box

The kids and I can’t wait to give these to family & friends!

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