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November 28, 2020

Personalised Paddlepop Stick Puzzles!

Paddlepop Stick Puzzles!

My little man loved seeing his very own face on his very own puzzle!

All you need is:

Paddlepop Stick Puzzles!

Paddlepop Sticks (we used the large ones which you can get from craft stores or if you ask your Doctor really nicely)

A Photo (we used a 5 x 7 size)

Box cutter/stanley knife

Kids craft glue

Paddlepop Stick Puzzles!

First line up your paddle pops underneath your photo so you can see how many sticks you will need.

Paddlepop Stick Puzzles!

Then add the glue to the back of your photo.

Paddlepop Stick Puzzles!

Then carefully position your photo over the paddlepop sticks & push down ever so gently (you want to make sure your paddle pops are still nice and straight).

Now let this dry…this will take a few hours.

Paddlepop Stick Puzzles!

Once dry, turn your puzzle over – photo face down over the top of a piece of cardboard (or something else to protect your table/bench that you are cutting on).

Then cut between each paddlepop stick to release each ‘puzzle piece’. You may need to trim any ‘overhang’ of the photo if it does not perfectly fit on your paddlepop sticks. And you are done!

Now let your kiddly wink have loads of fun with their personalised Paddlepop Stick Puzzle!

Paddlepop Stick Puzzles! Paddlepop Stick Puzzles! Paddlepop Stick Puzzles! Paddlepop Stick Puzzles!

This would make a lovely gift & is also a great game to take for the kids if you are out at a cafe ; )

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