November 16, 2023

How Silvercross made my little girl’s dreams come true

My little girl is obsessed with Silvercross Prams. It’s an obsession that has been handed down from her Granny (my husband’s Mother). When Granny was pregnant with my husband (now forty years ago), all she wanted was a big beautiful Silvercross Pram. When she finally got her wish, she was so proud to push all four of her babies around it in from then on.

This is that very pram! She still has it in pristine condition. On Granny’s 60th birthday, all she wanted was a Silvercross Doll’s pram. The Heritage Collection ‘Oberon’ Dolls Pram to be exact.

When we surprised her with her very special gift, she screamed and then cried. My little girl saw all of this and began to appreciate just how special the Silvercross Prams are.

Granny houses her prides of joy in her ‘special room’. A beautifully decorated entertaining room (that we are all not allowed in lol). My daughter (when very well behaved) is allowed in this room to look at the beautiful prams and cuddle the ‘magic baby’ that sleeps in the Oberon Pram.

Watching my daughter be so in awe and believe in the magic of what is being a little girl, I knew she had to have a Silvercross Pram of her very own. We had a look at the range of Prams and her favourite was the ‘Chatsworth Dolls Pram – Pink Rose’. Thanks to the wonderful people at Silvercross, we were able to make my little girl’s dream come true.

My husband took the pram down to Granny’s house in time for the big reveal. We filmed the experience of my daughter receiveing her pram via Facebook LIVE, you can watch the magic below!

Wasn’t she so thrilled! I loved having so many comments of other adoring Silvercross fans and letting them share in my little girl’s joy. It really was such a special thing for us to experience. She has not stopped playing with her beloved pram ever since. I must admit, I am a little obsessed with taking beautiful images of her with her pram too.

It really is such a stunning gift. If you want to look at purchasing your special princess a magical gift like this. You can check out the range here.

I look forward to sharing many more images of here and on our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Make sure you follow along for updates! You can also check out Silvercross’ Instagram feed here.

I hope you enjoyed this experience as much as we did!

Jen x

A very special thank you to the amazing people at Silvercross for making this dream a reality!

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One thought on “How Silvercross made my little girl’s dreams come true

  1. I loved watching this video of this little girl receiving the Pink Rose Pram from Silver Cross. It brought back so many memories. About 50 years ago my mom bought my brother and his wife a Silver Cross Pram for their daughter. I was about 12 at the time and thought it was so regal and fit for a princess. I remember it being white with a navy blue hood. Well 41 years ago I gave birth to my son and purchased a Silver Cross Pram for him. It was the same as the pink rose but it was a champagne body with dark brown hood. I remember seeing it in the store amongst all the other prams. I knew that it was the perfect carriage for my little prince. I used it until he was 3 years old. I got so many compliments on it because there wasn’t another one in my neighborhood like it. I made the mistake of lending it to a friend of my sister in law because she didn’t have a carriage for her baby. Well I never got it back and she moved and never kept in touch. I was heartbroken because I wanted to keep it for my next baby. Well 8 years later I had my own princess and of course with prices gone up a Silver Cross Pram was out of my budget. I was so sad. Now my daughter has her own little princess and what I wouldn’t give to give her a Silver Cross Pink Rose Pram. I am recently widowed and live on a small income so I know getting one for her cannot be. I am 72 now and will always remember the beautiful Silver Cross Pram that my mom bought my niece way back when. Thank you for listening to my story

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