November 16, 2023

DIY Fairy Jar Night Lights

DIY Fairy Jar Night Lights

These are just so gorgeous and look so divine in my little girls room. They help her sleep and they add a hint of magic and whimsy to her room.

They are easy and fun to make too!

Click here to watch the end results!

DIY Fairy Jar Night Lights Video

To make your own you will need:

Mason Jars

White tissue paper

White craft glue

Fairy foam stickers (I found mine at my local $2 shop)

Decorations for the top of the jar (optional) I used some fake flowers & ribbon

Battery operated tea lights (the flickering lights are the best)

DIY Fairy Jars. Gorgeous Night Light Idea for Kids

Step 1

Take the lid off the Mason Jar and lightly cover the jar with the craft glue.

Step 2

Place the tissue paper over the glue and cover (including the bottom)

Step 3

Peel off the back of the sticker on the Fairy and apply to the inside wall of the Mason Jar

Step 4

Place in your candle

Step 5

Decorate the top of the jar using flowers and ribbons

Step 6

Turn off the lights and watch your brand new Fairy Jar Night Lights light up your kids rooms!

Adorable DIY Fairy Jar Night Light

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5 thoughts on “DIY Fairy Jar Night Lights

  1. These are gorgeous – I would love to make some, but can’t find foam fairies. Can I buy some from you or find out where your $2 store gets them. Don’t have those stores around here (S. Chicago).

    1. Hi there Betty, we don’t sell them on our site, but I’m sure I could get some from my local shop & mail you some? You could email me your address to: [email protected] and I’ll make it work 🙂 Jen x

  2. Do you think that I could use my cricut and cut the fairies out of paper? Just wondering if I would be better off using black or a color paper and do you think that card stock would black out the light?

    1. You absolutely could, as they are only small, I don’t think card stock would black out the light. I would use a light colour though. Good luck! Jen x

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